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Miscellaneous Monday

In a blogging mood this morning, so May will draw to a close with some bits and pieces about projects and poker news.First up, my course – it is getting close to being ready now, though is not ‘on track’ as per my initial expectations.

The graphics got delayed, and then had to be sent back as the guy used a ‘joker’ card in the design… not exactly the image I was after, grrrr! Text-wise I decided I was unhappy with some big chunks of my work, and so have re-written it (or am in the process of re-writing)…The course should be done towards the end of the week, I will make a decision then about whether to launch at the weekend or to wait until next Monday / Tuesday.

Starting some new projects this week, at least the preliminary phases… more on these later in the month. Also a big list of things to get updated on my current network at the moment… the Fish-O-Meter is one of the top ones… now wishing there were less combinations to update though! Might be the weekend before I get to that one. I’m happy to report my Wordpress education is coming along nicely too. I have been making a blog for my Mother, who is trying to publish a book covering esoteric / 'what is reality' type stuff. There have been some big challenges (getting it to look the same in IE / FF for a start!). While I am not at the expert level just yet, this has been a helpful learning curve and the blog is now looking great, will link to it another time - since the content is just starting to go up at the moment. OnGame Go 9 Handed Not had time to check this one out for myself just yet, though I understand OnGame have dropped their unique 5 and 10 handed table setup to go with a more ‘normal’ 9 and 6-max… That’s fine, only it does seem to be going the opposite way of many sites with their 4-max and ‘triple up’ tables! Will make the time to play a few hands there and update my Red Kings Review later this week.

Don’t forget the Titan Poker Super Sale is now on – I’m going to try and get a couple of tournaments played there this week (guarantees the same, 50% to 80% off the buy-in prices). Facebook And / Or Twitter Finally another quick reminder about my SNG Planet facebook group – only a few updates each week as interesting news or articles come in. Come on over and join us!

If you are on Twitter then I’m starting to enjoy that more and tentitively getting better at interacting there (tweetdeck makes using this 1000 times better, with handy columns for different things – and it is free). Happy to follow anyone who does not send out automated spam (I’ll accept the occasional bits of self promotion, as long as some of it is interesting!). Well, a truly misc blog post!

GL at the tables, Mark

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