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SNG Planet New Version Ready

** Quick Edit - Issues with non-US version signup for the new course at the moment, bear with us! ** Our new look is here, warts n all. After a lot of hard work we are finally ready with the new-look SNG Planet. Here is quick run-down of the big changes... while we try and work out exactly why that mystery black square is sitting behind the header on the homepage!

The SNG Players Lifecycle...

It feels like the 'Are the games getting tougher' posts and threads are becoming more and more numerous these days. For me this debate is getting old, is often started by players who experienced the positive side of variance early and are now finding that they are not as good as they thought they were... and misses out on one important thing - the SNG Player Lifecycle.

SNG Planet Newsletter - June

Thought I would post this months newsletter, it went out last week - and in the fast moving world of poker already has one out of date story. Anyway, I enjoy writing once a month and anyone who would like to keep up with some of the exciting plans the Planet Corp has can get these by subscribing to our 'Comedy of Errors' eBook...

Poker Book Mini-Reviews - Part #1

Decided to clear one of my bookshevles today... and found a whole bunch of poker books which have been sitting there for a while. Now, these are only a small selection of my total number of poker books (hey I started in the days when the video training was not so common!). Anyway, going to take the opportunity to write a 1 or 2 line mini-review of each, will continue with the rest of the collection another time...