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Poker Pro Tournament Strategy Article List Grows

Some of the more popular articles here at SNG Planet are the 'Pro Strategy' insights, according to my stats at least. I was actually surprized by how many we have managed to accumulate - so thought it was about time they got organized into a list / jump off page here...

First up the latest arrivals, we tried a dual approach with 'one old and one new' (old in the established sense, not really age).

With the worlds best player Phil Ivey covered and also internet pro and new member of DOyle Brunson's 'Brunson 10' Chris Moorman. Here are the links: Phil Ivey's Tournament Strategy Chris Moorman's Tournament Strategy

Looking through the list, the established vs new has been a pretty consistent theme, one of the very first pro tournament strategy insight articles we did was an analysis of Annette Obrestad's (Annette_15 online) approach.

This is divided into 'early to mid stages' and 'final table'. We also covered some 'old school' pros such as Phil Hellmuth (this came from one of his books) and Doyle Brunson (mix of written strategy and observing the way he plays hands on televised events). Dan Harrington taught many of us the basics of tournament strategy and introduced thinking about stack sizes a little deeper by popularizing 'M', and David Sklansky is also on the list - for his 'mechanical' all-in or fold strategy which I did an in-depth 3-part series on... here is the list (just Part #1's where there are multiple parts)

 - Annette_15 Poker Tournament Strategy

 - Doyle Brunson Poker Tournament Strategy

- Phil Hellmuth Poker Tournament Strategy

- Dan Harrington M

- David Sklansky Tournament System

Sit N Goes should not be left completely off of the list! We recently added an article covering Boku87's SNG Strategy there too.

We have some ideas about who to add next... though if any readers would like to make suggestions I'm all ears!

GL at the tables, Mark

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