Doyle Brunson’s Poker Strategy Tips

What Can We Learn From Doyle Brunson About Poker Tournament Strategy Tips – Find Out Here!

Doyle Brunson, poker legend and fearsome opponent in all forms of the game has a reputation built on aggression – he wins pot after pot because opponents know he is happy to get all his chips in with so much as a draw!

Doyle Brunson's Poker Tournament Strategy - Early Stage Play

It may then come as a surprise to some that, for tournaments, Doyle Brunson’s poker strategy advice is to play very tight, at least in the beginning levels. For the first couple of blind levels Doyle is happy to sit back and be content with the pots that the cards allow him to win.

This survivalist poker tournament strategy allows Doyle Brunson (and most other professionals) to survive the ‘minefield’ of amateur players found at the start of tournaments. The strategy involves raising with medium strength cards (mid-pairs / unsuited high cards etc) but never calling with them. Taking small stabs at pots, but backing off when resistance is encountered.

Doyle Brunson's Poker Tournament Strategy - Middle Stage Play

Doyle Brunson’s mid-stage poker tournament strategy involves careful assessment of many situational factors. These include the tendencies of opponents, but more importantly their stack sizes. Small and Large stacks are far more likely to call your big bets (though for different reasons) so caution should be exercised with them.

Aggressive and positive poker which is Doyle Brunson’s trademark kicks in later in the middle stages. This takes the form of gradually increasing aggression levels in order to put pressure on your opponents who will be afraid of busting out. According to Brunson the key tournament strategy here is to keep accumulating chips – staying ahead of the blinds and antes will enable you to choose when to bet big rather than be forced to play without solid values.

Doyle Brunson's Poker Tournament Strategy - Later Stages / Final Table

Doyle’s poker tournament strategy for the final table again involves careful evaluation of your opponents and their chip stacks. While Brunson advises always playing to win, there are times when a number of short stacked opponents mean that tight play would guarantee you one of the higher playing places. If your goal is to win and you are second in chips Doyle advises that you target the chip leader, play aggressively and try to overtake him.

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