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Greg And Mark's WSOP Qualifiers Challenge!

And now for something completely different – Greg and I have a bet on. We are going to take a $500 bankroll each and see who can get furthest in this year’s World Series Of Poker qualifiers.

The loser of this bet gets the beers in and will suffer the indignity of an entire evening getting lightly mocked (a time honored tradition which ensures that everyone is really a winner).

At the same time we will keep a diary of how things go on the different poker sites each week… which will be published here on this blog up until June.

Now, $500 is not actually all that much when you consider we are shooting for $14k Main Event packages. While it would be fantastic if one of us could win the bet outright by winning a seat, we need some other way of determining the winner if we should both fall short. I am proposing a hybrid scheme of who hits the most supersatellites, with each site only counting once. We will add some creative elements like who got furthest and who had the best suck-out on an opponent along the way to work it out if things feel like a tie.

We are both looking forward to this challenge – hopefully it will make for an entertaining blog post each week as the different sites get their World Series Qualifiers up and running.

You can find out the latest news, views and comparisons for WSOP satellites in my dedicated page here.

Party spoiled the, erm, party.

Well, this weekend just passed they did anyway… instead of relaxing with a glass or three I spent the time removing their banners and amending articles / comparisons from my Romanian and Portuguese sites. Just HU / UA and PL yet to be completed for the Bonus Club network and then the pages here at SNG Planet…. In case you missed it, Party will stop accepting players from 18 countries from the 1st May… mainly Central / Eastern Europe and South America (though Finland an odd inclusion). We are about to put an ‘alternatives’ article up in several languages and I am still positive on 888 Poker for 2013.

More on changes to the sites in my Planet Corp Update coming soon.

In the meantime I’d best check out some World Series qualifiers!

GL at the tables, Mark

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