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Tuning Back In - Some Fresh New Articles

Well, I’m starting to tune back in after my break, and my writing fingers have been busy. Several new articles already live covering the new Multi-Entry Tournaments, Fifty-50 SNGs and more. A list with a small explanation below, about to go through some of the reviews and the Double-or-Nothing articles which have been affected by the changes and get those brushed up.

#1 Multi-Entry Tournaments – Full Tilt are way ahead when it comes to poker innovations these days. Multi-Entry tournaments let you play several entries independently, if you reach the last few tables their stacks are merged. Interesting idea, though I am personally unsure if they really represent the best value.

#2 Fifty 50 SNGs – Pokerstars are (controversially) stopping their Double-or-Nothing games on the 15th of Feb and replacing them with the Fifty 50’s which are a cross between the DoN and normal SNGs. A great idea which will involve rethinking some plays based on the bubble math. My article is a high level overview which highlights some of the areas to think about.

#3 VIP Clubs Compared. This one is in Russian, really pleased with how this one turned out. Our top RU writer Vladimir goes through the loyalty schemes for the big sites, then assesses which are the best… finishing up with his recommendation.

#4 View From The Tables. This one is in German. Regular readers will recall a readers view on balancing poker and a busy life from right here in my blog last month. This same article has been re-written in German by the author, Oliver. Valuable insights for those of us who have too much else going on to enjoy poker as often as we would like – yet still strive to succeed in the games. Still working away, and expect this list to be growing over the next couple of days. We have the $16 per hour Blueprint in Hungarian waiting to go up (mid next week is my estimate) and hopefully I’ll have time for that Omaha Planet refresh later today!

GL at the tables, Mark

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