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Things I Hate About GGPoker

Stuff I Hate About GGPokerI have moved 75% of my play to GGPoker recently. For readers outside of the USA, this site is seriously crushing it.

You will find my enthusiasm elsewhere here at SNG Planet. This page is to keep things balanced, in a toungue in cheek / passive-aggressive sort of a way. Sure, all those inexperienced players (from Asia, South America and elsewhere) are super fishy. Sure, the games are fresh and the software excellent. Oh yes, must mention the tournaments schedule is epic too.

That said, there are also things I don’t like.

This blog post is dedicated to those grumbles, niggles and small shit that really gets under my skin at GGPoker. If you think I’m being petty (what with all the plusses), you are probably right.

Let’s get started:

Stuff I Don’t Like About GGPoker: Part #1

  • That BB Fold Button for Rush and Cash: I have probably thrown, away more big blinds than I’d care to admit due to a combination of fat fingers and a stray fold button. I’m talking about the big blind. From playing Zoom etc, I’m used to having this removed when sat in the big blind, until someone bets. When multi-tabling, it is easy to fold a big blind when you might have seen a free flop… 
  • Slowrollers: I’m not going to name a particular geo here (is it even possible for an anonymous poker blogger to get ‘cancelled?’), but the number of slowrolls at GGPoker is noticeably higher. This happens when you go all-in, someone has the stone-cold nuts, and they time all the way down before revealing the winner. It is the move of a dick, only the message has not reached *cough* certain areas of the world yet.
  • Emojis and Animations: Look, I’m an adult (physically, if not mentally), I don’t want to see an animated Daniel Negreanu dancing after a hand. I also don’t want some chump who called with 8-4 off, then sucked out to do a ‘sorry’ emoji, or a ‘running cold’ one when you played ace-rag like a passive chump. And that spiteful use of Emojis after a cooler type hand to kick someone when they are down (calling you here Russians).
  • Time for a Break e-Mails: This might be the gambling commission (that group who are pressured to invent three new ways to be ‘seen to be doing something’ a month), or might not. Anyway, stop sending me emails after an hour of playing. I joined a poker tournament, you think I want to log off after an hour and blind away?
  • Slow Card Reveal: Being all in on the turn on the bubble of a poker tournament is plenty nerve-wracking enough for most players. Why oh why do we need to go through all the effort of pushing a button or revealing the corner slowly. Just deal the damn turn and river, let me double up and lets get on with the bloody game.
  • Hello on Table Join: Sit in a cash game and an emoji pops up automatically. It waves and says ‘hello.’ Alright, I know it is the same for everyone, but I find those things downright creepy.
  • Rabbit Hunting: This final one is different. I don’t hate the idea. In fact, I love it. You fold, and can peek at the cards which would have come – either on the flop, or turn / river depending on where you folded. I’m adding it here because as much as we all know that you make the best decision with the info we have… well, I can’t stop myself peeking anyway.

Emojis my assI thought there were at least 13 more things, now I’m sitting writing them, they have disappeared from mind. Edited the top of the list to say part #1.

Would add no US players allowed to this list. Only that is not as easy as just flicking a switch, trust me, I’m still crying on my bank manager’s shoulder 10 years on from Black Friday.

GGPoker are excellent, if you just happen to read my super-detailed GGPoker review, you will see my prediction that they will be the number one site by the end of 2022.

If you would like to find out what you hate about them – at the same time as grabbing $100 in tokens and cash game buy-ins for free, then check out for yourself, now!

GL at the Tables, Mark

PS: I just updated my live qualifiers page for the World Series of Poker, which includes the GGPoker guaranteed seat events. And added a new page covering the excellent Spin and Gold games - Check them out!




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