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Site Updates - We Have An Overflow!

One piece of feedback we receive fairly often here at Planet HQ is that there are simply too many articles to choose from... today we made an important step in correcting this situation, by creating an overflow page containing around 40 of the SNG articles. Now choosing which ones was not as simple as it first appears...... after all, if we did not think that the articles were good enough to be in the list then we would have removed them many months ago! Instead we have tried to find a balance between the subjects covered in the SNG Strategy main page and the STT Overflow page...

I think it is good and hope you agree! While we are on the subject, some news about ongoing site updates. If you check the bottom half of the SNG Main you will see the new layout, while this probably needs a couple of small tweaks, I think the difference between this and the plain list we had previously is huge - hopefully making it easier to get around for fans of this form of the game. Next we are going to tackle some of the key articles and fish-o-meter, before having a look at the poker tournaments main next week.

The good German translations are going great - 30+ mains already and more on the way... these will go up next week, even if I end up having to do it myself! Your feedback on any aspect of the site is always welcome, you can contact me at

Gl at the tables, Mark

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