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March Planet Corp Update

Taking a trip to the sunny southern hemisphere must have softened me up… I’m currently sniffing away the last of a pretty nasty cold which struck at the end of last week and lasted through the weekend…. Grrrr. Anyway, enough about that, this post is one of my intermittent updates on the business. Summing up current projects and future plans.One thing that I have not spoken at length about on this blog for a while is the large number of ‘quality’ pieces which have been accumulating each week. I’ll list a few recent ones below. My intention is to keep the ball rolling with at least one large / good strategy piece, a detailed info article or review + a selection of the usual satellites, promos and blog posts each week here at SNG Planet... with the best pieces getting translated into several languages too. Here is a selection of the recent articles which I thought fitted well with my remit of assisting beginning and intermediate poker players to profit from tournaments of all sizes!

-    Turbo Tournaments (Brand new today!)

-    180 Player SNGs (all 3 parts updated, here is Part 1)

-    Variance In MTTs -    

-    Card Dead Stretches In Tournaments

Other updates for SNG Planet include the continuing graphics updates… My brother is getting the table for the homepage redesigned at the moment – and having seen some of his work for major brands when I visited him down in Oz my hopes are high for this! The 5th installment of the SNG Blueprint is underway again after a brief hiatus – no promises at the moment, I hope to make some announcements on that one soon!

Poker Bonus Clubs

My ‘Bonus Club’ network includes several sites – 7 or 10, depending on exactly which ones you count – and focuses on bonuses, promotions and information for brand new players. Each site is in a different language, with some larger ones and some just 20 pages or so. This network has gotten out of date… both in terms of look and info. While we have made some good progress with the Hungarian version so far this year, the others are getting left behind. Same old story really – comes from last year and the fact that I simply had too many sites to manage on my own. Anyway, the project to get this fixed is now underway! A new template is being created and a plan to sort out the Russian version of the site over the next few weeks is forming. Once the Russian is up to date I will move on to the others, probably Hungarian and Romanian first… then Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Kazakh and so on… my intention is that these are all up and running by the end of 2012 with writers in place to keep them all fresh. It is a big project, especially when things like search engine visibility is factored in. Should be worth it though!

Few Other Sites And Plans

I do have plans for some of my other sites… Rakeback Planet stopped dead in April last year and is due for an upgrade. The Poker Bonus Network got restored, and now needs a new WP theme and for someone to actually write articles for it… will probably manage one of them this month and one next. I also plan on adding coverage of a new operator to my network – Betfair seem like a popular choice these days and the brand is well known (at least in the UK!)… it seems to fit, so I’ll play there for a while and then add them to the Best Poker Sites section.

GL at the tables, Mark

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