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New iPoker Software 2012 – Review, Opinion And A Cheeky Special Offer

While the days when iPoker software was the ‘ugly duckling’ have long gone… I’m sure that many readers will find the words ‘plain’, ‘functional’ or even ‘too many damn pop-up messages’ spring to mind when thinking of the Playtech powered client. So, here is my review of the new iPoker Software release in Jan 2012. Complete with screenshots, my thoughts and a extra-big deposit offer (which includes $20 free cash) for any readers who might want to check it out for themselves. I’ll use Titan Poker for my review, as this is the iPoker site I am personally most familiar with.

Movitation, Gratitude And Some Horrible Previous Jobs!

A mixed business(ish) post today with a few different thoughts combined. The idea came from something one of my colleagues said yesterday about enjoying the now and reminding ourselves how lucky we are… well, I say colleague – I am actually a guest in the office shared by 2 different companies – a software house and a real-estate management firm…

Party Tournaments Report + OnGame Fishmarket Coming Back!

Well, I stated in a previous post that the ‘rake free’ promotion at Party Poker for their tournaments was bound to make the games crazier than ever. Having found the time for a poker session on Saturday evening I’m happy to report that ‘crazy’ was a HUGE underestimate… and that ‘daft’ would have been a better description! Some more good news, Red Kings – my favorite OnGame site – have announced another ‘Fishmarket’ complete with free $11 entry for first time depositors. More on that below, first Party.

Big Reviews Update + 2 Great Tournament Promos To Look Forward To In January

Started working yesterday after my xmas break, it feels great – I’m just not the kind of person who can do nothing for very long without getting frustrated. Most of my focus at the moment is on my site reviews, with some new thinking behind these as well as new words. This post will also cover 2 excellent promotions for tournament fans in Jan ’12 – one from Party and the other from Stars.

100 Poker New Year Resolutions

New Year is approaching fast, and with it an opportunity to make a ‘fresh start’ with your poker game, or maybe become more disciplined about improving certain aspects of an already solid system… New year resolutions do not need to be about losing weight, getting fit or giving up those pleasures in life! I thought I’d put together a list of 100 possible poker new year resolutions to choose from… some serious, others light-hearted.

Uncomfortable With Pokerstars, Though Not Anti-Pokerstars

Mentioned here before that I am becoming uncomfortable with the relative size of Pokerstars compared to their rivals. While I wanted to expand on my thought process, every time I wrote things down it ended up sounding like a vague anti-Pokerstars paranoid rant. So, time for a better balanced post. Which will have to start with an admission… I play at Pokerstars more than any other site – and think they are great! Great on all counts.

Parts Of A Poker Strategy

I got to play last weekend for the first time in a while, and got thinking about the old 'then vs now' debate as far as the skills of opponents and toughness of the games is concerned. Sure, you have to keep learning to stay ahead of online poker... However with so much information readily available I am starting to wonder if the biggest recent change in poker is that the bad players now have half and understanding of poker strategy.