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Full Tilt Musings + Yet Another Online Poker Event!

I could not resist a few games of poker this week, even though I usually do not play during the week (you try working on poker sites all day and then playing at night and see how fast you lose your mind!). The reason was the return of Full Tilt… and I must say, it is good to be back at what was once my favorite site! First up, it is funny how quickly you forget those little annoyances… like the *$"~^£g info webpages which come up every time you accidentally click on a ‘badge’ or the messages which come up on the middle of the table obscuring the bets of opponents at the top of the screen.

Those little niggles aside, the Rush Poker tournaments and 90 player SNGs have been kind to me so far. I must say that the standard of play in the 90 K/Os has been decidedly bad, we are talking any-2-suited types in the $12’s, limp every hand types in the 6.50’s and a lot of people who do not seem to understand simple pot odds (folding getting 3-to-1 after a short stack all-in late and so on). These will get their share of Regs eventually… for now they seem super-soft. Traffic has been huge, with 43k players the last time I looked… that’s pretty much crushed any prediction I saw out there. 2nd biggest site by xmas anyone?

One more note – on player points. Though Pokerstars stole my few hundred in my player account (I always left the change when cashing out my affiliate commissions) they left my 26k player points in place. To get these gone there is a sale of tournament tokens at the moment, with $26 tokens costing around 4500 each and $75 tokens somewhere near 15k… Great for a couple of reasons, first I can play a few tournaments for ‘free’ this weekend… second a lot of people will be doing the same, pushing up the prize pools nicely!

Super XL Series At 888 Poker

Because what the poker world needs at the moment is yet another online poker tournament event! Well, maybe. 888 have been making great progress this year, while many of their rivals were stagnating they increased their player base, revamped their software (very cool these days!) and have some nice promos aimed at the recreational player too (think gadgets give-aways + sporting tickets as well as bonuses). Super XL Series includes 87 events and $2,000,000 in guaranteed prize money from the 17th through to the 25th of November – and to ensure that their first proper event goes off with a bang they have started the satellite qualifiers at just 8c.

Should be a good one… and with Micro-millions, iPOPs, Poker Maximus and FTOPS all competing for your attention this month the soft fields should be a big draw! If you have not checked out 888 for a while then give them a look – this site is my big tip for 2013!

GL at the tables, Mark

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