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Dodging The Mother-In-Law – Several Updates – Oh, and $5 Free From Party

We had the mother-in-law to stay this weekend. This involved cleaning being taken to an entirely new level. The kitchen was basically taken apart, down to the individual component level, buffed up very nicely with cleaning products wholly suited to the type of material in question, and then put back together again piece by piece.

Of course, this lead that slightly elongated ‘Maaaaaarrk’ call becoming rather frequent – invariably this required moving heavy stuff, performing tasks while standing on ladders or, erm, opening things.

My dedication to SNG Planet could not be shaken though – I have managed to update several articles by sneaking into my study when nobody was looking. Not only that, I changed round the Menu for the English version of the site too… that was more than overdue, it even contained a link to an old Stars vs Tilt head-to-head article – oops. (edit, only worked on some pages, so work in progress on the menu change) Here is a list of the major article updates:

Best Multi-Table SNGs – This article was last updated a year ago, which is a long time in poker. Main change is that I booted out Party. Sure they are the 2nd biggest site, it is just their MTT SNGs are rubbish. Red Kings (OnGame) have taken their place – though Pokerstars still won the battle overall. This is quite a long article which involved research and opinion and not just a list of games – you can read it here.

Tokens And Special Offers – I keep these all on one page so as not to make too much of a mess of the rest of the site by continually repeating them (some links / mentioned required of course, this site is a business and not just a pleasure after all). Anyway, the update involved the free $5 (or Euros or Pounds depending on which you deposit with) from Party. There is no catch, if you did not register your account before then you get the free cash when you sign-up, and can still claim your deposit bonus (100% match up to $500) any time you choose… it’s a freeby! My tokens page also has a $20 free cash offer from Titan, an $11 SNG + free calculator from Carbon for US readers + news of a cool $300 bonus when you get dealt 2 red kings at OnGame’s Red Kings Poker. Check it out here. Notice: The free $5 offer was stopped early... as of 7th June this is no longer available. (or pop over to now and grab your free $5 instead )

World Series Qualifiers at Pokerstars: This was the last one of the Main Event qualifier articles for this year. Seems to be that Pokerstars are quieter than previous years on these qualifiers… could be the ongoing discussions with the DoJ about settlement… anyway if you win a ‘passport’ package, and choose the WSOP then you get $13,000 cash into your account… hmmm, the question is whether my long-suffering better half would let me spend it on the Main Event if I won one??

Anyway, the article can be found right here. I have a list of some more updates – which I’ll crack on with after the menu upload completes (seems to be taking a long time). I’ll collate a few more and post a list here later in the week… for now, I will continue my rock n roll existence… by fulfilling a brand new request to move a fairly large lamp.

GL at the tables, Mark

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