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Best WSOP Vlogs

With the 2017 World Series of poker in full swing, I checked out poker vloggers on YouTube to see how the coverage was looking. This was a positive surprise, with some really good coverage out there. I have to admit that after watching some of Daniel Negreanu’s videos, I found myself rooting for him in the $10 Omaha/8… never saw myself as a fan before!

If you have any alternative suggestions, feel free to add them (Facebook please, I gave up on blog comments many years ago!).

WSOP Vlogs Top 5

#1 – Daniel Negreanu

This guy comes across really well on video. His energy and general positivity is contagious, and he comes over as genuinely down to earth too. This vlog is daily, and includes footage from inside the Rio (all cleared), and plenty of interactions with other poker pros including Phil Hellmuth and even a gym-cameo from Gus Hansen.


#2 – Doug Polk

Doug does not have the same magnetic personality as Daniel Negreanu. There is no doubting his ability at the tables. He vlogs through the opening stages of the star-studded $111,111 one-drop tournament, all the way to the final table… and then to a $3.7 million win. Plenty of stars making cameos here too.

#3 – Andrew Neeme

The first non-celeb entry, though his viewer numbers mean that he might be joining the list soon. All round nice-guy and live cash game pro Andrew took part in the Colossus, vlogging his way to a deep run. His main focus seems to be on the cash game action which will surround the WSOP. As a regular in the Bellagio $5 / $10 games I think that the recreational players won’t know what hit them. The vlogs are really nicely produced, with Vegas scenery, hand breakdowns and interludes where the host enjoys cocktails etc.

#4 – Jeff Boski

I really enjoy Jeff’s dry sense of humor, which you’ll find just underneath a confident – almost brash – exterior. This vlogger is a tournament specialist, plays positive, aggressive poker and is not afraid to fire bullets when needed. Several of those bullets were fired in the colossus already. With a deep run or two, this WSOP vlog has big potential!

#5 – The PokerKraut

Kevin, aka the PokerKraut, is a German cash game player with a big sense of humor and always seems to have a smile. His wife (‘the boss’) has regular cameos too. At the moment, people are sending him card protectors, which he is playing 2 hours with in different poker rooms. Plenty of play in the cash games at the Rio at the moment, though not the WSOP tournaments. This is the most ‘fun’ poker vlog at the moment, though you will not find too much deep analysis.


The Poker Vloging Elephant in the Room – Trooper97

People are polarized with their love or hate of the Trooper. For this page, it’s easy to leave him out… since other than one cash game session, he is not involved in the World Series of Poker. I still think that he is a genuine guy, trying to get ahead in life. At the same time, I do get why he rubs people up the wrong way. The amount of time and energy some people spend on their hate is a little mind-blowing for me… Tim (the Trooper) just launched his own t-shirts shop,

Qualifiers for the World Series

It is definitely not too late to qualify for the World Series Main Event.

For US readers, the only place pushing these qualifiers is America’s Cardroom. They have a 50 seat supersatellite, special lottery sit n goes, steps and ‘buck hunt’ cash game tables. You can win the $12,500 packages through any of them.

Outside of the US, your options open right up. 888 Poker is one of the main sponsors of the event, and have a lot of satellites giving away tickets.

You can find out more on my World Series Qualifiers 2017 page.

GL at the tables,


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