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Why Pokerstars Half Price Sunday Majors Are Worth A Look!

With more poker promotions announced each week that any one player can possibly complete, it is easy to miss out on some big profits. I Think that next Sunday (17th June), the Pokerstars half price Sunday Majors are worth a closer look. There are at least 3 ways I can think of which this particular promo could boost your bankroll – and of course, hitting one of the final tables will make the summer of 2012 a memorable one for many players! First, here is a rundown of what is on offer. Pokerstars have taken 5 of their ‘Sunday Majors’ (including the infamous Sunday Million’) and have slashed the entry price by 50%. So, the usual $215 becomes $107,50c and so on… Meanwhile the guaranteed prizes stay the same. Here are the tournaments covered: -    The Sunday Kick-Off (Starts 8AM ET), Usually $109, Deal Price = $54.50c ($100k Gtd) -    The Sunday Warm-Up (11AM ET), Usually $215, Deal Price = $107.50c ($500k Gtd) -    The Sunday Storm (13:30 ET), Usually $11, Deal Price $5.50c, ($300k Gtd) -    The Sunday Million (14:30 ET), Usually $215, Deal Price $107.50c ($1 Million Gtd) -    The Women’s Sunday (14:30 ET), Usually $55, Deal Price $27.50c ($10k Gtd) Pretty good huh? I’ll go into why I think this particular promotion offers SNG Planet readers particular value below – if you would prefer then skip my part and head on over to for the details instead!

Half Price Sunday Majors – Why I Think There Is Some Value Here!

Firstly I there is the potential for overlays. For those not familiar this term describes situations in which the guaranteed prize pool does not match the total buy-ins. The ‘overlay’ is the gap between the two, and can be thought of as extra money provided by the poker site (or casino, since this can happen live too). This depends on the field size, though requiring twice as many players as usual does leave some potential here. Satellites are my second reason, since with the same buy-ins – twice as many seats are going to be awarded. This should make the satellites even busier than usual, especially as we get to the weekend. Players who might normally not bother with these games will take a shot and yet others will use their FPPs – feeling there is more value in them than before. If you understand poker satellite strategy then you could clean up here. Remember you can always unregister and take the Tournament Dollars instead. Third, the games will be softer than normal. Sure, the amount of amateurs playing in the Sunday Majors keeps them pretty soft anyway… next weekend there will be more players who would not normally be there – and they will dilute the pool of ‘pros’ even more than usual. Great news for all, even if you are one of the less experienced players, you get a far lower chance of getting hit with a table full of sharks! So, if you have not already done so, now is the time to check out the worlds biggest poker site – Use Marketing Code PSP3108 when you register, and bonus code STARS600 when you deposit for your 100% match over up to 3 ‘first’ deposits. Click here to check out for yourself now!



GL at the tables, Mark

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