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Sick Of WCOOP Fever? Try These 5 Alternatives Instead!

Earlier this week I published my thoughts on the best WCOOP satellites. This post is for those readers who either can’t, or won’t play in this year’s World Championship. While the biggest online tournament event of the year gets many of us excited – I do realize that not everybody likes it. So, here we go: Planet Mark’s 5 Alternatives To The 2013 WCOOP!

Alternative To The WCOOP #1 – Poker Maximus

Another tournament event kicks off on the same day as the World Championships – September the 8th. This one is open to US players at the awesome Carbon Poker. Ok, I will admit that this is not quite the same size and scope as the big one, though the $3 million guaranteed, 85 events and massive focus on the satellites is worth checking out.

If you have not already seen them, the in-play animations, which players can trigger by typing special ‘keywords’ into the chat box, are very funny – and keep a recreational feel to the games which you just do not get elsewhere!

Alternative To The WCOOP #2 – Get Set Up With Holdem Manager 2 For Free

Holdem Manager is considered a must-have among poker pros. This tool has a dual purpose. First, it tracks your own play, so you can find where you have leaks either in hand selection or post-flop in certain situations. Once you spot those leaks you can plug them easily! Second, it tracks the hands of your opponents, displaying statistics alongside their avatars on screen. You can use these stats to more or less own them at the tables (in fact, many people will be doing this to you right now!).

Red Kings Poker, on the cool OnGame network have a great special offer, where you can get a free copy of Holdem Manager 2 as part of your welcome bonus. The amount deposited does not matter (they suggest $500, but then they would, wouldn’t they!). To find the details, go to  click the ‘Promotions’ tab on the top menu, then you’ll see a ‘Holdem Manager 2 Pro’ link 2nd from bottom on the left hand side.

Alternative To The WCOOP #3 – Give Pot Limit Omaha A Try

Most of you specialize in No Limit Holdem, that’s where the action is, it is a fast game to learn, and it is easy to beat too. Yet, after a while, Holdem can start to get old, the same hands in the same spots can only keep your interest for so long.

I recommend you check out the PLO tables this weekend, this is a fantastic game, dynamic and testing. The pot limit betting adds a brand new level of strategy, and big draws can be strong favorites against made hands. Go on, give it a try!

Alternative To The WCOOP #4 – Check Out The Latest Live Event Qualifiers

How about taking a shot at an all-expense paid trip to a live tournament? There are qualifiers running for some awesome games at the moment, including the Caribbean Poker Tour (at Titan for non-US and Bodog for US based players). There are also WSOPE (world series Europe) qualifiers and. For those who prefer the smaller regional events the ‘Knights Of Prague’ live event run by 888 Poker looks excellent.

Alternative To The WCOOP #5 – Take My FREE Sit N Go Course And Build Yourself A Bankroll!

Finally, why not build yourself a bankroll playing 1-table Sit n Go tournaments, which you can then use to fund a career in whichever format of poker you love the best. My course, “The $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint’ has 4-parts which take you from novice to profitable grinder… You’ll be amazed how quickly you can turn on the ‘money taps’ of Sit N Goes, money taps you can return to any time your bankroll needs topping up. Check out my Course Preview Page here!

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GL at the tables, Mark

PS: Just wanted to add a funny incident from last night. My plan was to play one of the $1 million WCOOP qualifiers at PokerStars, I registered, made myself a cup of tea and was ready and comfortable for the satellite to begin at 9:00 CET... Unfortunately I had not read the details properly, and quickly found out that the game was a heads-up shootout, with 1 chip each, so all-in first hand! I lost that hand, and was left staring at my screen feeling very confused. Ah well!

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