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Titan Poker Updates (reprise)

Well, since my look at the new Titan Poker software a few days ago I have been clocking up a few hands there... even giving Lazslo, the newest member of the Planet team, a quick PLO lesson in the process... had some thoughts to share in the 'fishiness' of the site...

Now, Titan Poker is definitely still 'fishy' when compared to other poker sites (particularly the big 2 of Stars and Tilt). However, it has changed since this was my regular site. It took me a couple of days to put my finger on exactly what the change was - now ready with a quote!

Titan Poker has become the home of Nits and Madmen! Yes, instead of the 6 loose passive fish, 2 aggressive fish and 1 TAG thinking player in a 9-handed game you have a different ratio, 5 nits who will set-mine (or house mine in Omaha!) and play overpairs, a couple of TAGs or LAGS and a couple of complete and utter nutcases who raise and call for no logical reasons.

You get a strange dynamic, with so many people waiting to pounce on the easy money... not good players, just people who have learned that staying ultra-tight is a winning strategy here. We then have a couple of decent players per table who know they can take pots away from the nits and are actively trying to isolate the maniacs. I'm sure you can see that these tables are profitable if you can adjust - the change is what is striking for me... just goes to show how the 'loyalty schemes' (not rakeback, that is not allowed) can affect the balance of a site, while the focus on the new European markets can bring in players with money and little experience...

Compare this to Tilt at similat levels, here the rakeback grinders are actively trying to extract value from their hands, nits are being bullied off of their overpairs and maniacs create a waiting list a mile long of cardrunners members looking to quickly relieve them of their buy-ins... I'm more than happy to continue considering Titan Poker to be one of the Fishiest sites out there - just wanted to take a moment to clarify that the nature of this fishiness has changed! If you have not already done so, why not give our Fish-0-Meter a test drive... it finds the fishiest poker sites for your personal criteria!

GL at the tables, Mark

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