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TCOOP Starts Today!

Coming from a Sit n Go background I do have to admit enjoying Turbo tournaments. The push-fold, the sense of danger from rapidly increasing blinds and the levels of thinking games based on ‘would he push any two here knowing that I would expect him to push any two’ make these games very entertaining.

PokerStars TCOOP is the biggest Turbo Tournament event online – and it starts today (23rd Jan), running through to the 2nd of Feb.

This preview post gives you an overview of the event including the key games, prizes and leaderboard. You will also find an overview of the best satellite qualifiers, plus some links to the Turbo tournament strategy articles here at SNG Planet.

Turbo Championship Of Online Poker – Highlights And Info

$15,000,000 is guaranteed in prize money this time around – spread across 50 events at low, mid and high buy-ins. There has yet to be a PokerStars tournament event where the guaranteed prize pools were not soundly beaten. If I had to put my neck on the line the $19 to $20 million would be where I started the spread.

There is a NL Holdem Main Event on the 2nd Feb, this costs $700 to enter and has a $2,000,000 guarantee. There are a huge number of satellite qualifiers for this event already running, expect these to reach fever-pitch in the run up to the game itself. In addition to the $300,000+ which is guaranteed for 1st place, if any SNG Planet reader wins, I’ll buy you a beer on top!

Many games are represented including PLO (inc 5-Card), Omaha Hi-Lo, 8-Game, HORSE, Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, Razz and Draw games too. Zoom Poker is included in the schedule, along with hyper-turbos, rebuy, 1R1A, Knockout, 3x turbo and 2x turbo games.

With the lowest buy-in just $11 and the highest the $2,100 high roller event, PokerStars  have made sure that everyone is included. There are satellites for the smaller events as well as the big ones.

Things get off to a flying start in just a few hours from now with a $27 6-max event with a massive $750,000 guaranteed prize pool. Work commitments are going to keep me away from the tables until the weekend so I’ll miss this one – though I might try and sneak in a satellite or two after I finish my long list of to-dos.

You can check out the full schedule over at

Turbo Championship Of Online Poker – Leaderboard

If you plan on playing several events, then you are in with a shot at the 50 paying places on the TCOOP leaderboard.

There are some great prizes, with event the lower spots getting a ticket to the lower buy-in main event at the upcoming Spring Championship.

First prize is a trophy + $16500 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package. 2nd is a $5,200 SCOOP ticket with 3rd and 4th getting a $2,100 token and 5th to 10th a $1,050 token.

Remember, if you do hit these prizes it means you had a great TCOOP and probably hit a final table or two – so you’ll be smiling all the way to the SCOOP!

PokerStars Turbo Championship Of Online Poker – Satellites

Satellites run in stages at Star’s nowadays, so you can win your way up to a shot at the $700 main event from just a couple of dollars. There are 3 main categories of qualifier, MTT satellites, 2x / 3x Turbo satellites and SNG satellites.

MTT Satellites: These are the standard Multi-table tournament formats which includes rebuy and turbo events. I recommend these if you are new to qualifiers, since a lot of people get paid in the bigger ones – and the more players around at the bubble, the more people can potentially make a mistake which will see you get through. These are super-easy on the day of main events, when complete novices tend to take their shot.

2x / 3x Turbo Satellites: These are extreme rebuys with blinds going up super-fast and the ability to rebuy for a long time. You can rebuy for just 2 big blinds late in this period. You’ll need to play super-aggressively just to keep up, making these games very entertaining. The skill here is knowing the ranges people shove or call with and adapting your own ranges to exploit these.

SNG Satellites: One table satellites come in Steps format (exit at $215 or $700 to play the tournaments instead). There are also a lot of hyper-turbo sit n goes around nowadays, again these games look a little more random than they really are – with a lot of math involved in balancing ranges with prize-pool equity.

TCOOP – 3 Welcome Bonuses At PokerStars

I know most of you are already big fans of Stars. For anyone who has not yet participated in one of these cool tournament events, you can claim up to 3 welcome bonuses to get you off to a flying start at the World’s biggest site.

There are 2 stages:

First, you’ll need to register your account. Choose ‘Marketing Code’ from the drop down list of the first info screen, and add PokerStars marketing code PSP3108. This tells them that I sent you.

Second, you hit the cashier and make your deposit. You will be asked for a bonus code here and should use STARS600 for your first 3 deposits in the first 90 days. You’ll get up to 3x bonuses at 100% matched to your deposit, up to $600 combined total.

Check out for yourself now, because the biggest site did not get that big by accident!


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