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Super Power Poker Tournaments

Poker can be repetitive after a while, and – let’s be honest – the innovations in the games have been few and far between over the years.Sure, poker has sped up, hyper-turbos and Rush / Zoom clones are now ubiquitous – but real innovations? Something to keep the recreational players interested for longer? Something to draw new players from other more ‘entertaining’ games? Well, I have not seen anything that ticks those boxes.

I came up with a daft idea for a new tournament game. I’m calling it ‘Super Power Poker’ and would like to request that any operator who uses this please send me a large amount of cash via bankwire.

Yes, the idea is ‘frivolous’, however, the thinking behind it is not… poker is pretty stagnant as it stands. So let’s see some outside the box thinking on how to liven it up, and keep the fresh new faces on which the entire poker economy depends coming through the door.

Super Power Poker Tournaments

Here is the idea. It is based on a normal tournament setup, except that each player has 3 Super Power Tokens, which they can choose to use at any point during the game… These do quirky things which would give the player some advantage – for example:

-          Missing the Big Blind

-          Forcing an opponent to show one card, but only when they are all-in.

-          Stopping an opponent from betting more than half of their remaining chips on a particular street.

-          Making an opponent miss a hand.

-          Moving tables (would need to be some rules here about the number of tables left and exactly when).

-          A ‘One Time’ power, when the river scrapped and re-dealt (maybe this one would take 2 lives instead of 1, or just be for half of the pot!)

-          Extra Chips, again depending on the situation / particular tournament the amount would change.

-          Switch to an empty seat on your table.

-          Chip and a chair, when all-in you could use a superpower as insurance, if you bust then you come back into the game with 1 Big Blind.

-          Show The Nuts, will show you when an opponent has the absolute nuts on a particular board (care required when the nuts is a straight-flush or quads).

-          Swap one of your hole cards before the flop for a new card.

-          Coin-Flip Cashback... If you end up in a 55% / 45% (ish) coin-flip for all of your chips then you could invoke a power to split the pot along % lines.

That’s enough examples, there are probably 100 more candidates once you start to think it through. These powers would need to be balanced with each other of course. There would also be some strategy involved in using them against certain types of opponent in certain situations.

If you have an idea to liven up online poker that you would like to share then feel free to come over to our Facebook group and add it there.

Have a great weekend and GL at the tables,


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