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Strategy Articles Focus For March

After months of preparing the new version of the site, we did get a little behind with the strategy / content side… I’m pleased to say that making up for this is now well underway – and the new articles over the last few days are just the start of a long list.

I’ll start with a quick summary of the new pieces… then list the pipeline below.

Hand Ranges: This is an MTT themed article, and covers how to judge the range of hands your opponents might be playing in different situations. Putting players on a range of hands is a vital component of hand-reading… once you figure what kind of hands they start with then you can judge how well their range hits different flops, and narrow this range based on the betting on the flop, turn and river. Read it here.

Tournament Payout Structures: I did have an old version of this, which was scrapped and replaced with the current one. To give an example two of the biggest sites pay 10% and 15% of their tournament fields… one is ‘steep’ with a heavily loaded final table, the other more ‘shallow’ with more min-cashes. Which you choose will depend on your style and approach to the game. Check this piece out here.

SNG Leaderboards: Maximizing your returns from Sit N Goes is a case of balancing the fees, rewards and finding the softest opponents. This article focuses on the extra rewards in terms of the cash you can get from leaderboard contests. Some sites split into more ‘bands’ based on buy-ins than others, and some have more competition with far more players involved. Make sure you choose wisely and you could see your bankroll growing significantly. Again, here is the link.

Still To Come This Month

Today (I’ll have to check with Greg to be 100% sure) we have a piece covering the International Stadiums Poker Tour going up – this is a huge tournament at Wembley in London with $1 million guaranteed for 1st place. I was hesitating a little on this one, but now the sponsored have reiterated their guarantee (and held a launch party!) I went ahead with a piece on the satellites and event itself.

Bovada Coverage will start very soon, and with it some updates to my US poker sites pages. I was surprised when it was shown this site had grown to be the single biggest US poker site, and like the idea of their recreational focus and beginner tables.

HM2 Coverage is also on the way… I’ll start with some generic coverage of this HUD / Database and build from there with some more specifics. These days players are getting into stats displays earlier and earlier (a sign of how tough the competition can be these days!). If this content is well received I will consider expanding it into a SNG Specific guide and adding it to the Blueprint course.

World Series Coverage… Qualifiers have already started at a couple of sites, and we are about to get moving with the 2013 coverage.

Tournament Poker Edge Coverage... I have been steadily going through videos from this cool training site and there are some real gems. Going to watch a bunch more this coming weekend, and will then write a review.

Plenty more strategy too… I’m going to tackle the tricky subject of why people believe that they play great poker and still end up losing. For me this is more often a matter of delusion than true variance! People tend to think they are better than they really are and need to work harder on their game. I’m also going back into some ideas about playing against other ‘regs’ and some MTT Math too, oh and I have 2 more satellites articles coming along too.

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GL at the tables, Mark

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