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Stars TCOOP Token With Reload Is A No-Brainer

The Turbo Championship Of Online Poker will soon be here – and Pokerstars are offering a $27 entry to one of the events with a $100 reload. This is a ‘no brainer’ freeby for those with the cash on hand… and I hope that you are already keeping a portion of your poker bankroll in an eWallet like Moneybookers for exactly this purpose.

So, this post has instructions on getting your token, and a general preview of the TCOOP events which stand out for me.

Claiming Your Reload Token

You have until the end of tomorrow (16th Jan 23:59 Eastern Time) to reload your account with $100 using the bonus code TCOOP… The $27 entry token is awarded automatically and it can be used for any of the 12 different events with this entry price during the TCOOP itself. It’s a little late in the day if you do not yet have an account. My recommendation is that you sign-up and play a little – this will ensure that you are in line for the next offer. There is usually one associated with the SCOOP (Spring Championship) so not too long to wait. If you’d be good enough to use Affiliate Marketing Code PSP3108 when you register in support of SNG Planet then I would be most grateful. See the PokerStars Website for more.

TCOOP – What Caught My Eye And What I’ll Be Avoiding

Coming from a SNG background gives me a certain fondness for Turbo Tournaments. Sure, I enjoy the hand-reading puzzles of the early stages… but there is nothing like a little push-fold poker to keep an old SNG fan happy!! Plenty of action at this year’s Turbo Championship, with a cool $15 million in prize money and 50 events between Jan 17th and 27th. With things being extra busy here at Planet HQ (the move to the new version of the site is a huge project!) I’ll be focusing on weekends, Holdem (maybe a little PLO high) and the smaller end of the buy-ins. 2x and 3x turbos are fun at lower buy-ins, for bigger money I would find myself playing too hesitantly for the games… so there is no value for me there. Likewise the Hypers, extremely entertaining games –but you can not let the size of the buy-in cloud your judgement or aggression, or the blinds will simply eat you alive.

For me the freezeouts are where it is at, with the ‘normal’ 5-minute turbo levels. It would be great to hear from any readers who manage to get to a final table in any of these events. You can catch me via e-mail ( ) or facebook.

Just one more thing to add, there are a ton of satellites for those players who do not want to buy-in direct… the bigger MTT satellites on the day of the events themselves are my personal picks, though remember you can use Step 4 tickets for the $215 events too.

GL at the TCOOP Tables, Mark

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