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SNG Planet Newsletter For Feb Just Out... + How You Can Get The Next One!

Just clicked the 'send' for this months newsletter - I know, I know, have been slack in sending the news every month... but hey, when you have this many sites to run it is easy to overlook things!

I Will include the newsletter in this post to give readers who are not yet subscribed a chance to see the kind of thing we send (notice the only links are back to SNG Planet - no spamming!)... check out the 'Comedy Of Errors' sign-up boxes on the homepage and SNG Main page to join the 10,000 (and growing!) people already subscribing....


Looks like poker is off to a flying start in 2010, with Rush, FTOPs, UBOC and Stars' Stellar Rewards + 40 Billionth Hand already here, record numbers online + tons more in the pipeline.

We have been equally busy with too so far this year - and are working hard to fill the pipeline with new pages and material to keep up with the ever developing poker scene.

Firstly, for our German readers we now have SNG Planet Auf Deutsch! - 100 pages of our most popular material to start off with, plus plenty more on the way. This brings the total number of languages to 7. Flags at the top the site take you to the language versions.

Next we have a new 'Widget' this is to help with an area of poker which even experienced players can neglect - bankroll management. This works by taking your potential bankroll and player type and then suggesting buyins for SNGs and MTTs - together with ideas for 'taking shots' and for multi-tabling too. We have a lot of material covering bankrolls and the psychology of bankroll management now and have linked to them all from the widget page.

For those who have not been to the site for a while I'd also like to quickly plug my new blog. Many of you will know that I was a blogger long before entering the poker website business - and the SNG Planet Blog is a continuation of this plus a summary of the industry news + player promos where we truly believe these are relevant to readers. That's all for this month - remember that your feedback is always welcome and I am always available to advise on sites, bankrolls and rakeback enquiries too!

GL At The Tables, Mark

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