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Slot Betting Strategies for Fun and (Hopefully) Profit

Betting strategies like ‘Ladder Betting’, ‘Min vs Max’ and ‘Higher / Lower’ will make any casino slots session more entertaining. While these strategies don’t change the math – the house edge is still the same over the long run – they can give you a shot at a windfall. They will also help keep those losses in check when the reels run against you.

You will see many of the slot betting strategies outlined below used by YouTube slots vloggers. My favorites include Neilly777 and SD Guy. There are many more (though please, don’t mention the ‘BC’ word).

Whatever betting strategies you enjoy, there are some core concepts to keep in mind. Number one is always to maximise your bonuses, comps, and promos. You should also practice bankroll management – never betting money that you can’t afford to lose.

Entertaining Slot Betting Strategies

Entertaining Betting Strategies for Casino Slots

Minimum vs. Maximum

Alternating your bets between minimum (typically 50c to $1) and maximum ($5 or more) gives you a manageable average bet size. It also adds some interesting psychology. You will naturally be rooting for big hits and bonuses on the maximum bets. When five lightning link balls land and reel 5 is spinning on minimum bet, you’ll be torn between rooting for the bonus and wishing it would hit on the next spin instead.

Of course, you can choose any bet sizes to alternate. If the max bet is too volatile for your bankroll, then why not try $2 and $1 swaps instead?

Higher or Lower

Instead of switching bets between spins, this strategy tells you when to cash out and play a different game. You can use any bet amount for this. For example, you start with $100, then move whenever you are $25 higher or $25 lower than where you started. You can switch this to $25, with $5 on each game - or any other combination.

This gives you a shot at a minimum of 4 games. Choosing a smaller amount and more games adds variety. Get a bonus on one of the first games, and you could be up overall whatever the outcome of the last couple of $25 games.

Ladder Betting

Here you are moving up the bets on each spin. You start with 50c (for example) moving to $1, $1.50c, $2.50c and $5 – then start over at 50c again. In a similar way to Minimum vs Maximum, you’ll be rooting for big line hits and bonuses on the higher bets. Ladder betting until you hit a bonus, then switching games is a common use of this system.

This betting strategy works best for games where you can still win big without betting the maximum. Slots with progressive jackpots requiring certain higher bet levels are not ideal for ladder betting.

Win is a Win (for couples)

If you are playing with your better half, maybe on one of those two-seat games like Willy Wonka or a giant-screened version of Buffalo, then you might both be hitting the spin button. Win is a win means that you switch after a losing spin. Some spins have wins lower than your spin cost. In this system, they count as a win.

This strategy can be combined with the others. For example, you can play win is a win while doing minimum vs maximum. If the changes are too frequent, why not switch to ‘three losses and you are out’?

Double or Nothing

Pick a slot, pick a banknote that works for your bankroll (for example $50 or $100) and play until you have either lost it or doubled. What I like about this staking strategy is that it works with many of the others listed here. You can use it in combination with progressive betting, ladder betting, min vs max and so on.

How strict you are with the rules is entirely your choice. For some people, it will have to be a true double. For others, that bonus bringing your $100 stake to $195 will be plenty close enough.

Progressive Betting

Ladder betting sees you move up the bets regardless of the outcome. With progressive betting, you move up only after a win. For example, you start at $1 per spin, after a win you move to $2 and if that wins to $3. After a dead spin, you start over at $1.

I count any win (even under the spin amount) as reason to move up in this slot betting system. For added excitement, why not change the denomination?

Fun Betting Strategy for Slots

Cash Me Out

I need to attribute this slot betting strategy to Neily777 – as far as I know, this is unique to his channel. He starts with five $20 bills for five different slots. Any time his balance on a game goes over $25, he will cash out – combining the tickets for a running total.

This can be achieved via a lucky early spin, or a bonus feature. Choosing the right bet size is important, as you want enough spins to have a genuine shot at triggering a free spins or hold and spin bonus.

Up and Down Betting

Another system where you switch bets sees you go up and down the betting panel. This is similar to ladder betting, only instead of starting over, you reverse course, going from $5 back down to 50c (for example).

You get the same thrill for hitting a bonus on the higher bets. The advantage of this system is that you bet more on the middle sizes compared to either the highest or the lowest bets. This will balance your variance while giving you a shot at those exciting max bet bonuses. 

Move Up Stakes After a Bonus

Another credit, this time for the excellent SDGuy. He uses this for his ‘Grand Finale’ spins after a winning session. Great channel with a tetchy host prone to NSFW language!

Here you pick a bet size, and stick with it until you get a bonus. You then move up to the next bet level and so on. The idea is that you have a set amount, and either double it or bust using this method. If you get some quick bonuses without a double-up, then you could be betting big very soon.

Five Winning Spins

One more credit for Neily777 here. This slot betting strategy will how you how hard it can be to get winning spins on the more volatile games. You simply choose a bet size, then keep spinning until you get five spins which pay more than your bet. Note that wins under your bet amount don’t count, they are losers here.

A free spins bonus only includes one paid spin (the one that triggered it) so count that as a single win.

Progressive Betting Slot Strategy

Go Big or Go Home

This is a personal pick for free play offered by Vegas Casinos. While normally I’ll keep the bets big enough to be in with a shot at the big progressives, but small enough to make my sessions last – free play is the exception. Here you would hit the high limit room, play $10 to $20 (depending on the machine) for a handful of spins, and see if you can get lucky.

Keeping hold of some money if you win is a key component of slot bankroll management. I try not to get tempted to go big after a few losses, or to blow off too much after a winning session. A 'cheeky' $100 after a good run, now that is a different story...

Wrapping Up: Slot Betting Strategies Also Work Online

There is no need to wait until your next live casino visit to try out some of these staking strategies. Online casinos compete fiercely for your play – so make sure you are taking advantage of their marketing budgets via casino bonuses and free spins.

Let me know if you have a personal favorite strategy – or have come up with something different from the list above at

GL at the Tables,


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