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Sit N Go Training Videos – Reviews Of The Latest Cardrunners Videos

Had a couple of weeks worth of Sit N Go training videos to catch up on last night, so I locked myself in my home study and went through them.

Some excellent quality as usual, and a couple of different angles to, including 45-player SNGs, 90 Player SNGs + the subject of Downswings… First up the downswings / variance video from Faarcyde. Kind of odd to hear someone who crushes all levels of the game talking about the frustrations on a long breakeven stretch and running below ‘true ev’.

Have to say that his profits graph over 40k games is amazing! What I liked about this one most were two points, firstly how easily running above your long term ev can seem normal and how then running at or below it gets blamed on external factors. Second the fact that the quickest route to getting back to your long term ROI is to play more games – yet most people play less. I’d rate this as a useful reminder for anyone who wants to put in the volume. 

Next up was one of the ‘Odd Couple’ concept videos, where two players analyze the play of one of them. This was Faarcyde and Braminc, two of the finest SNG Pros around. The subject was 45 player SNGs – and a really interesting debate about the differences in the game (particularly the push / fold play) compared to standard 9-player SNGs took place. It was a shame that 3 of the 4 games were short lived… definitely worth watching all the way through here, some genuine insights into the pro-thinking process. 

Heads-up SNGs are included this time with 2 videos: First pro ridetime doing a leakfinder themed vid, with a $1 game the basis of a discussion on the difference between low and high buy-in play in these games. Author Colin Moshman also does an analysis, this time of a $55 heads-up SNG. Heads-up fans will also find a lot of cash game videos at Cardrunners who are very strong in this area. 

If you are serious about beating the 90 Player SNGs (and prepared to watch a dry classroom-type video) then I’ll recommend MeatBouy’s ‘Building A Bankroll Part #3’ where he goes through crushing these in complete detail. This includes starting hands for different stages of the game, stack sizes and position and some fantastic insights into the minds of your opponents…  Ok that’s all for this time, there are many more new videos including MTTs, Rush and PLO as well as the ‘stock’ training based on NLHE cash games. If you are not yet a member of Cardrunners then I strongly recommend them – this training will pay for itself so fast it is untrue – and the rest of your profits will be gravy!

 GL at the tables, Mark

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