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Sit N Go 2.0 Coming to America’s Cardroom

I had to think twice about posting this piece. On one hand the Sit N Go 2.0 idea previewed by America’s Cardroom sounds quite promising. On the other hand, it does feel all a bit hyped… revolutionising SNGs? I’d like a cup of tea and a biscuit with that please! It is the fact that a well known face from the world of Sit N Goes is involved that swung it for me… and I’ll admit that despite the hype I am looking forward to trying out the games.

America’s Cardroom Poker – Sit N Go 2.0 Concept

The basic premise is that ACR are combining the jackpot Sit N Go concept with 9 handed games. The exact prize pools and number of spots paid have not yet been released. From the preview info, it looks like the top paying games will come up one in every 200 times. This does cap the prize somewhat, though exactly how big it is will depend on how much they are going to take away from the run of the mill games*

For example, if they choose the majority of the games to have a 5x buy-in or so prize – and keep mid sized prizes smaller, then there could still be a big pot for the 200xer’s. If there are more mid-prizes games etc, then this will be naturally smaller… all speculation at the moment – we will have to wait and see.

There is a special section of the site with info and news – click the SNG 2.0 banner on this page:

America's Cardroom Sit N Go 2.0

Who is Behind SNG 2.0?

The name is someone whose work I respect (even if I did feel kind of ripped off when he wrote a decidedly lame article for this site a few years ago!) in the form of Collin Moshman. He has a clear style and great way of explaining the nuances too - and obviously a keen business mind. His wife Katie Dozier, also a poker pro, is involved too.

At the same time that the new games are released, Collin will release an e-book on Amazon. This will explain the strategy.

With hundreds of curious new players bound to check out the game, this is a huge opportunity to fill up your bankroll! If you read the book, understand how the payout structures and prizes require you to deviate from a regular strategy – and brush up on your general ICM knowledge, you should be in a position to crush these games…. This will not last for ever, as regulars will come in. Taking advantage of these spots is a big part of building your bankroll in 2016 – I’m personally still smiling after the 888 Blast SNGs came in (quite a few regs there now, though still beatable).

Sit N Go 2.0 - Actions to Take Now

Until the middle of October, there are some steps you can take to make sure you get to fill up your bankroll.

First, make sure you have an account at, and that it is loaded with some cash. This room is open to US and Worldwide players, if you are from the US then you can find out about the different deposit methods here.

Second, brush up on the basics (after all, you are on the right site!), have a think about how 4 or 5 paying spots would change your bubble push / fold ranges. Remember that there will be plenty of fish when the games are new, so you might also want to brush up on how you will adjust for their ‘novice’ play (calling too light and so on).

Third, bookmark / favourite SNG Planet (if you have not already!), I’ll be playing them and letting you know what I think once they do come out.

Until then, GL at the tables!



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