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Satellites Round Up – Too Many Events?

With a growing number of both online and live tournament events around the world, we can be pretty sure that online poker is in fine health! Today we have updated the Poker Satellites page… …with a couple of key articles, one on the schedule and information for the upcoming FTOPS (starts November 10th) and another for the EPT Vienna Satellites – this event is at the end of October.  

Instead of summarizing the articles I thought Id ask the question of whether there are actually so many high buy in events, both live and online, that they all blur into one these days?Going to be honest, when I keep an eye on the tournament reports and see someone new winning a large (though often not huge) prize in one of the many tour events the information is fading almost as soon as the page is turned. Of course, playing tournaments (big or small) is great fun, definitely not knocking them – just wondering if we are suffering from ‘event blindness’ in the same way that anyone on the internet for more than a couple of years has ‘banner blindness!’  One positive development recently is the introduction of the mini-versions of the online events.

These have opened up the chance of big scores to many more players. Of course, you could always have tried a satellite – however even then the pressure of the $500+ buy-ins are often uncomfortable for the lowest stakes players. I have seen many a confident player can often go weak-tight / passive in this situation.  Finally, back to the latest FTOPS – there seem to be some complaints on the forums about the growing number of Rush poker tournaments in the line-up. Sure they are gimmicky (though the Rush HORSE sounds great!), what experienced players often miss out is the importance of the poker sites appealing to recreational / leisure players. Without appeal to these people there are no deposits and no poker economy to make a profit from…

When something gets implemented that is not to your liking as an experienced player, it can often be worthwhile asking yourself whether this will increase the cash that the leisure players spend. If yes (and Rush fits here, even tough the cash games are full of regs!), then smile and take the pain… you need the economy to function or else its just pros winning pots from each other.  Anyway, use the tabs above to navigate the site – look forward to seeing you in the FTOPS! 

GL at the tables, Mark

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