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Rush Omaha Confusion... What Do These Bets Mean??

Have been enjoying some Rush PLO recently, just 2 tables and a great way to relax + clear the $50 bonus Tilt offered recently!

There are a couple of situations which have been confusing me a little is the first: We need to bear in mind the recreational player crowd that the Rush Omaha games attract for these and the fast changes... which rule out 'mixing it up' or 'advertising' plays. One reason this spot isconfusing is that I tend to fold, maybe this is incorrect - which is what is bugging me a little. Anyway: The Scene... raise pre and get a couple of callers, putting me out of position.

Flop comes 3 clubs (for example)... 2 checks and the button bets full pot. Now here is what I am struggling with, if he has the nut (or close) flush why push us out? If not then surely the only hands which will call a full pot bet are the nut (or close) flushes??

Sure, there is a small element of defending against a set / 2 pair that could fill up, but it is the size of the bet that gets me... makes no sense either with or without the hand, surely a smaller 2/3rds pot bet works better for both situations! Anyway, baffled and off to play some more Rush Omaha!

Gl at the tables, Mark

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