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Red Kings Added Sit n Goes Promo

I do not often base blog posts on specific promotions. The new ‘added Sit N Goes’ from the non-US Red Kings will be the exception today – this one caught my eye as one of the better ideas around at the moment. The concept is very simple, and should create a positive return for lower buy-in Sit N Go fans right away.

Here is the idea:


Until the end of June, certain SNGs at OnGame’s Red Kings have half of the fees collected are added to the prize pool. So, if you are playing in a €5 game, there is an extra €1.25c added. Think of it as 50% rakeback and you’ll be along the right lines.

This will make an outsized difference to your ROI.

The key reason is that these games are 5 handed, so there is 25c added for each player (close to 5% of the total – taking fees into account). In days when a 10% ROI is very respectable over a decent sample size, what is not to like about starting the game with a 5% overlay?

Not all the games are included.

Your targets are the €1.10c, €3.30c and €5.50c games which are 5 handed. This does include the 3 different speeds (regular, turbo and hyper-turbo (which are priced differently).

You can check out the details, and find out about the extra €300 bonus you’ll get the first time you lose a cash game hand with the two red kings – over at

GL at the tables, Mark

PS: If you are reading this before around mid-June, then you might want to check out the WSOP qualifiers for one of the side-games too.


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