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Pokerstars Introduce Knockout SNGs

Good news today, and some speculation too, as Pokerstars introduce 'Knockout SNG Tournaments' to their offering.

Checked these out this morning and they seem to be filling up fast - right up to the mid-stakes. First of all, here are the buy-in levels along with fees and bounties: -         

$1.40c – Fee = 15c, Bounty = 25c -         

$4.10c – Fee = 35c, Bounty = 75c -         

$6.75c – Fee = 50c, Bounty = $1.25c -         

$13.50c – Fee = $1, Bounty = $2.50c -         

$27 – Fee = $2, Bounty = $5 -         

$67.50c – Fee = $5, Bounty = $12.50c -         

$134 – Fee = $9, Bounty = $25 -         

$256 – Fee = $15, Bounty = $50

Makes me a little irritated to write these out, how do these poker sites get away with charging $135 in fees (over 9 players) for running 1 SNG tournament (guess the answer is because we let them, but let me leave that debate for another day!!) So, at the moment there is only NL Holdem available and only with the standard 10 minute blind levels in 1-table format. Looks to me like this is the tip of the iceberg, recalling how previous games (thinking of the Double or Nothings) went it was the same slow start with new games and tables being introduced incrementally. My thought is that this is the start of targetting fans of the 90 player knockouts at Full Tilt, which have proven to be hugely popular. I also believe we will see multi-table tournaments in knockout format before long... with Omaha following a little later. New games are always good news, recreational players flock to them and the regulars only slowly adjust their strategy. Hopefully this is even better news with a whole bunch of knockouts on the way. Right, I'd best get on with updating our Pokerstars Review, Sit N Go Review, Sit and Go Comparisons and about 500 other articles in 7 languages which need this new info ;)

Gl at the tables, Mark

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