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Poker Wordpress Plugin - A Taste Of Things To Come!

Something slightly different to announce today - we have created a simple (but effective!) poker plugin for wordpress users. This contains 50 poker quotes, and displays one at random each time you view the page it is installed on.

Let me explain the thinking here...Well, it is a nice little poker wordpress plugin, but let us face facts - a few random poker quotes are not going to change anybodies world.

You can see the result on the right hand side, it is the one marked 'Poker Quotes'. The idea is that the 'Powered By' will get us enough traffic to make the resource spent creating it worthwhile... we'll see about that. However, there is another and bigger objective here - we wanted to get some experience with the creation and distribution process.

Thought was that by doing something simple and submitting to, we could spot any issues nice and early... before committing too much resource to creating something bigger and better. Now, bigger and better will certainly be on the way - I have a few ideas already, and of course ideas is one of my specialisms (most of them do get shot down in flames quickly by one or another person here at Planet HQ... but hey). Anyway, if you'd like our quotes plugin then you can download the zip at the URL below - this contains a readme with full instructions. We'd appreciate the link back, if you did not want one on your front page then please consider giving us a shout in a post to compensate the effort creating + sourcing all those quotes!

GL at the tables, any ideas for Poker Wordpress Plugins welcome!


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