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Planet Corp Update April

Last month saw the long awaited visit to Planet HQ of Rich aka Drarr, who has been contributing to this site since the earliest days. As we move into the 2nd quarter of the year in the poker world, all eyes turn to the World Series qualifier season. You’ll also find an update from Knockout Writing... where most of my own focus has been for this past month.

First up, Rich’s visit and an outline of our plans for SNG Planet.

The main topic of conversation was the idea of a Sit N Go academy as part of this site. The idea was to train people to beat the games, and give away a starting bankroll at the same time – so that they could do it without risking their own money.

We ended up keeping half of this idea.

The bankroll piece was discussed at length, and the decision was that there are simply too many scummy eastern euros around in this world to make this feasible. It would not just be them, just looking at the bottom-feeding low lives who inhabit ‘freeroll’ forums from around the world demonstrates the lengths people will go to just to enter a tournament with 1000 players and a $25 prize pool…

So my position has changed after lengthy discussions, instead of feeding the hordes of sneering Romanian parasites, we’ll offer better training to genuine players instead.

The training part will stay, the free bankrolls part will not.

At the moment this is work in progress. There will be 2 phases, and anyone who is already signed up to the ‘Blueprint’ course will be offered a chance to have both.

Bear with us while some amazing content gets created.

There were some other ideas to come out of this meeting. This site is huge, with 2000+ pages, and there are still issues navigating through it. I plan on focusing some energy on making it less of a huge blob of information, and streamlining what we have a little better… as soon as I get time.

Here is a pic of Rich and I enjoying a couple of beers after finishing work for the week.

Knockout Writing – Exceptional iGaming Content Management

This is the reason I am short of time at the moment… writing.

I’m loving this part of the business too, working with some talented writers and supplying content to some of the biggest affiliates around.I sometimes wonder how life would look without the headaches of maintaining websites and just focusing on the part I enjoy, haha.

There are more opportunities here. My thinking is to morph this from a mere ‘writing service’ into a full-fledged professional content management service by the end of the year. At the moment, I’ll be consolidating my position and building my reputation. Very soon it will be time to take on new clients (operators, affiliates and news providers) and move this project to a new level.

If you are interested in my services, either as a writer or a potential client, then please feel free to write:

The Bonus Clubs And Other Sites

A quiet month for other sites in my network. My high-tech gambling project got stalled by holidays for the lead programmer… (I know, I know – should not be allowed!). More great content is being created for this project already, and it will have >100 pages on day 1.

The Bonus Clubs have just been ticking over, though they are about to get new headers and a design refresh this month.

No time for any other projects at the moment. I’m working 14 hours a day already here, I love looking after these sites so it does not feel like a problem… sometimes wish there were some more hours in the day though.

GL at the tables, Mark

PSL I mentioned the World Series season is about to begin, well, 888 and Red Kings are the early-birds - with their qualifiers already. 

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