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Planet Corp Is Hiring: Gambling Writer Needed

It is time to open the doors once more, and seek a new colleague here at Planet Corp. I'm looking for a gambling writer. You’ll be in excellent company. Only clear thinking, reliable and talented individuals ever make the cut.

The main objective is to find someone who can help me write for my casino project, which is building up at the moment. This has sports betting, casino and poker sections, with a mobile gambling flavour. I’m aiming big with this one (50 to 100 new articles a month, every month), and I need someone to cover at least 2 of the 3 verticals.

Poker strategy is not what I’m after this time.

Gambling Writers RequiredThe way things have gone, a ton of people know poker strategy well enough to teach newer / improving players these days... that market is beyond saturated, its flooded. 

What I need to find is someone who appreciates that gambling is entertainment for most people. That no form of gambling is inherently ‘worse’ than any other – and that the chance of bagging a big windfall (for example from a jackpot slot) is a big attraction to a lot of perfectly intelligent people. Those people would find poker far too ‘geeky’ and boring. Some understanding of what drives people to engage with online content, sales strategy and general psychology would not go amiss either.

You’ll need be disciplined. Enthusiasm alone is not enough for Planet Corp, deadlines need to be adhered to; and quality needs to be kept up. Most important, we all have days when we do not feel like delivering the goods. Those I welcome into my team have enough grit to push through, and when there is a deadline – they deliver every time.

So, here is the general spec

  • Native English (ability to switch between US and UK English as required)
  • Willingness to write about casino (slots) + one of sports betting or poker
  • Quality work. I will coach you on format / approach and a million other nuances you will only realize exist when they are pointed out. You have to be able to take these on board. Without some natural skill I will not start this coaching process.
  • Reliability – This is super-important. No flakes, without clear communication and adherence to deadlines – there can be no deal.


Lets talk about your experience and see how fast you are at producing the work. This is not high end journalism, though neither is it turning out keyword optimized crap. Don’t set those expectations crazy-high please. I pay by the article with a specified number of words.

What Next?

Hope I got the message over nice and clear without putting too many people off… if this sounds like you, then please send me a mail, tell me a little about yourself and any writing you might have done before:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

GL at the tables, Mark



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