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October Planet Corp Update

Time for another of my intermittent Planet Corp updates. For those who have not seen one before, these posts cover the status and future plans for my business. As we come into the last quarter I have a long list of projects and challenges to get through – including a 5th part to my SNG course and a new video training site for Russian players.First a look at September. Great progress and some quality pieces published around my network last month. I fell short of my target of beating the number of new articles from August… this was a shame though not a big one, especially with a week off in the middle of the month visiting relatives in the UK.

I’m happy with the quality and very happy that a big end of month 12 hour stint got my Fish-O-Meter widget (which finds the softest poker games) up to date. October’s biggest project with be creating a 5th part of ‘The $16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint’ which is my free course for readers.  My idea here is a big one, to find 101 hands from my history and that of others and explain the thinking behind them in terms of the Blueprint strategy. What I want to do is clarify the strategy  at the different stages of 1-table tournaments, cover subjects like opponent ranges and spotting who will deviate from the ‘normal’ plays, ICM and how different factors affect your bubble thinking, mid-game moves and so on… I want people to be able to take the concepts of the course, read these hands and immediately become more profitable! I have set myself the target to get this finished in October – that might be a little ambitious with the scope of the project though. I want this to be awesome, not just good, and will spend longer on it to ensure it gets to that level if required. This will be an extra for serious players – and will not be free like the rest of the course. I’m thinking of different payment options (making a reasonable / small direct charge vs signing up with a partner site) at the moment…Typical thinking for me - I’ll start with an idea, then make an awesome guide, then work out the details later!  

Training Site: Just a couple of days away from launching my training site in collaboration with a Russian online pro with extra videos from a UK player / coach. Will post about this separately and share the link on Monday, for the moment I’ll just say that this is an exciting project for me. We have had some challenges and frustrations along the way getting it together and it is great to be almost there. My plan is to re-invest any income into growing this site, hopefully getting more pros involved and then to expand into other countries who do not have training in their own language… tons of potential.

Smaller Stuff: Languages are on my mind again… German SNG Planet is about to have a refresh after being neglected for a long time with a bunch of new articles and re-writes of some guides and reviews being created at the moment. I really want to get one more of the 3 out of date language versions upgraded this month (French / Romanian / Polish all need doing). Thinking about it if there are any enthusiastic writers who are native in those langusges who play poker and know the industry then give me a shout (no agencies / expensive freelancers please!) at with a price… I’ll do one more in November and the last one in December to get fully up to date by year end. I think that’s about all from the Planet Corp for this time… plenty more updates on smaller sites – that is just the day-to-day though.  

GL at the tables, Mark

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