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New Titan Poker Software - A First Look

A quiet evening yesterday, so took the opportunity to download and try out the new version of the Titan Poker software... if you have read any of my previous reviews you will have seen phrases such as "allows you to focus on the poker...." when it came to the client - so lots of room for improvement, here are my first thoughts:Will start with the look - which was a definite and huge improvement over that dated (even sad!) looking blue effort they had before (will add the new screenshots to our  Titan Poker Review once this post is done so you can have a look)... however, my next feeling was 'well, the look is different, but this sure feels like the same old software wearing a smart new jacket". Pleased to report that this is not actually the case! Not only are things looking better, they are smoother and faster too. Never mind the new navigation options and choice of 'European' or 'Worldwide' tables in multiple currencies - the biggest change of all is that the tables are now resizable! Yes, many years after their rival sites, Titan have realized that getting regulars to play just one or two tables increases their bottom line - and now you can have up to 16 in any size you want, either tiled or cascaded - great news and we will keep an eye on the SNGs in particular and see if they get busier as a result. One news release we read stated that support for Razz was included - though I did not see any games via the Stud tab. The 8-handed tables are still there for Holdem, though 6-max seems to be dominating at the moment. Had a quick look at a few different games, the fish are definitely still there (do not want to be down on anyone, but how else can you describe someone who re-pots all in with an overpair on a straighening and flush board in Omaha with 3 people still in the hand??!?), was also nice to play a Holdem cash game in British Pounds! Small gripes, red writing on a brown background for some chat... and you need to click 'notes' on a player to see where they are from (no more 'mouse over' location), and an overly slow time to act in cash games for my taste. All-in all some positive new features though - loved the 'spotlight' which moves with the action and clean new look. Titan are already one of the fishiest sites out there, going to have crack at a couple of tournaments there later in the week and let you know whether these are as soft as ever too. GL at the tables, Mark

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