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MicroGaming Ditch Full-Ring Sit N Goes

Some interesting news coming from MicroGaming. In among several changes to their Sit N Goes, they have announced that full-ring games are to become a thing of the past…  I think this is the start of a trend. In many ways, full ring Sit and Goes have become a victim of how easy they are to play mechanically…

First, here is an overview of the main changes over at MicroGaming. After that are some expanded thoughts on what this means for Sit n Go fans moving forward.

MicroGaming have grown recently, following a rough few years when key members of this network left. My rec for this network is the steady and reliable Red Kings Poker. You can check them out (including a €5 tournament token offer) at

MicroGaming SNG Changes – Overview

Their new head of product Alex Scott has said that ‘underperforming’ Sit N Goes have been removed. Some of the multi-table games at higher buy-ins, especially outside of No-Limit Holdem are out… that part is not a big surprise.

The big surprise is that all the full-ring (9-handed) SNG games are completely gone at MicroGaming … even at the micro-limits.

Only heads-up and 6 max are left.

Good news, there is a new rake structure for those games which does provide a little more value (see pic, which I copied from the official MicroGaming network site). 

New Heads-Up Format: I like the idea with the new heads up format, this is a timed game, 10 minutes only, with static blinds. These are 25 / 50, which is a 30bb starting stack (that’s 1500 chips). My one concern with these is that they make it easy for bumhunters… who can just click back and forth and take most of their equity when the game gets to the ‘all-in’ part after 10 minutes.

Why I Think These Changes are Good

I’m a little disappointed that anyone is cutting what we know and love as the ‘standard’ games. At the same time, I think this is a positive move.

I’d never go as far as to say that Sit N Goes are ‘solved’, there is still an edge to be had, especially at the lowest buy-ins. What I would say is that there are now enough people who know the basics of full-ring SNG strategy that these games are difficult for new players.

If almost everyone knows to play cautiously early and knows their push / fold math at least reasonably well, the couple of players in each game who do not know about this are going to be relieved of their bankroll very fast.

They don’t stay in SNGs… moving off to tournaments (where they have a shot at least) or cash games (followed quickly by going broke for most). SNGs become dull, new players can’t win and the cycle continues.

6 max is less of a nit-fest, you have to open more hands, which broadens ranges and makes for more decisions tailored to players rather than pure math. Heads-up, meh, I’m not so sure these are favorable for new players… that’s another story for another day.

Lottery SNGs, Faster speeds, full-ring disappearing… there is a pattern here, and that is 'what can be automated (by players) will be'.

I’m not sure how many years online poker has left as we know and love it.

For this reason, any moves to make the games more entertaining and less robotic – even if it lowers the edge of good players – is welcome for me.

Do check out Red Kings, there are plenty of recreational players on the MicroGaming Network. See for more!

GL at the tables, Mark

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