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Ladies And Gentlemen... We Finally Have German!

It has been a long road (well, to be honest it is not quite over yet!), however we are now pleased to announce the German version of SNG Planet is up and running... at least in draft format! You can see this here SNG Planet German! ... all 100 pages!

We would still like to ask for a little help with this from any native readers out there... if you would be so kind... now,  let me explain what happened....We were actually trying to get this done before christmas... but did not quite get there - the delay since has been with the proof-readers. One went AWOL (sigh) and the 2nd one... well the 2nd one spent a lot of time reading the articles, but somehow overlooked writing her feedback down anywhere, yes folks - intelligent, multi-lingual and educated she might be, but someone, anyone, please explain the brain-disconnect which went on here - why were we paying for her to read the site without feedback in any form??? (sigh, sigh, sigh!).

Anyway, we are still happy to have the version completed, and if any native German speakers do spot any big errors in our pages we would be really greatful to hear about it - just mail me at as usual.

There are more German articles already in the pipline, and we hope to make this a big part of our offerings going forward. In the meantime we are exhausted and in need of a nice cup of tea! Back to more general blogging next time!

GL at das Tables, Mark

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