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I Am Out – Fishmarket Is In!

Time for a short vacation, I am off for a week in Gran Canaria starting this evening. Not my favorite type of holiday… these beach type breaks are more for my good lady than for me… It is not that I really object or anything, just 2 minutes after sitting on a sunbed I want to get up and do something! Anyway, only for 1 week this time – you will not even notice I have gone! Meanwhile some excellent news, one of my all-time favorite promos has come back – in the form of the ‘Fishmarket’ at OnGame.

For those not familiar this is basically a free extra $11 token for a $7,500 guaranteed tournament you get on top of your deposit bonus - this takes place on the 27th September, so deposits up to the 26th automatically get the ticket.

What I love about this one is that the field fills up fast with first time players – which attracts a lot of more experienced players… which quickly sees the guaranteed prize pool beaten.... which attracts even more players… and so on. In the end you get one of the easiest games going, with a lot of money at stake for the final table players. Red Kings is where I play my OnGame Poker, this site not only offer a choice of 6 welcome bonuses – you’ll get an extra $300 bonus the first time you are dealt the 2 red kings in a real money cash game (goes up to $500 if you lose at showdown). Check out the Fishmarket for yourself at Red Kings Poker!


Poker Maximus At Carbon – Quick Reminder For US Players US readers also have a great promo about to start, in the form of Poker Maximus at Carbon Poker. This is a 10 day event, which has 35 tournaments and a $1.3 million in total guarantees. The last day (Sunday 16th) sees 2 games with a combined $350k in prizes, which is the biggest day of tournaments for US players since Black Friday!. Things are looking up, with US and worldwide promos getting bigger and better all the time. So,  check out the cool Carbon Poker, and claim my reader special of a 150% matched welcome bonus (usually 100%) + free $11 SNG token – your coupon code is SNGPLANET.  Click this link to visit the Carbon Poker Website for more info!

Note: Carbon are no longer accepting US players and appear to be closing - check out my US Poker Sites Page for the latest!

GL at the tables, see you in a week! Mark

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