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Hidden Value In Titan Poker Steps and New BackBets

Titan-specific post today, two things to cover – first their new side-bets function. Alone these are –ev, however they do have some ‘hidden value’. Second my thoughts on Titan Steps SNGs, which hold some hidden value for players who enjoy the soft multi-table tournaments there.

Titan Poker Backbet Tables – Any Value?

Backbets are sidebets on the makeup of the community cards, and even on what hand you could have made had you not folded. These are mostly longshots – for example you can bet 106/1 against the community cards being the same suit or on the turn and river being a blackjack (10 or picture card + ace). You can also bet on whether your folded cards would have made a straight! You get to play at designated tables for now – though I expect this option may become the norm on all tables eventually, just like the blackjack and Hulk slot. When you click a side area attaches to the table… this is where you will bet. Now, on the surface these bets are all in the favor of the house – even if you have an occasional win you will lose money in the long run each time you play, burning a dollar a hand can quickly add up to going broke - so be careful with these! There is however some hidden value:

The type of players who will be attracted to these bets will be the recreational crowd who are having fun with poker, blowing off some steam and some money after work for example. Grinders will ignore –ev bets completely. In the short-term I expect the designated Backbet tables to be softer than the rest… until this gets noticed and more serious players come over to find more fish. Another example of the new games (or gimmicks in this case) being where the profitable action is! I offer readers $20 free cash on top of the huge 200% (max. $2000) sign-up bonus at Titan, this will appear in your account within 48 hours – all you need to do is deposit a minimum of $30 first time round, and use my Titan Poker bonus code SNGPLANET … I’ll do the rest! -- Click To Visit Titan Poker Now!

Titan Poker Steps – Hidden Gems! Steps SNGs at Titan Poker run over 7 levels, these are marketed as a cheap and entertaining way to qualify for the weekly $200,000 guaranteed Sunday Major – which would otherwise cost $215 to enter directly. Step 1 costs just 16c (including a 1c fee!) and there are plenty of try again spots to keep you running if your cards turn bad… as well as those infamous Titan Poker fish to keep the games easy. What many players do not know is that you can use the smaller buy-ins to join a lot of smaller tournaments with buy-ins ranging from 55 cents though to $55. With so many exit points saving you cash on entries Titan Steps SNGs make a profitable way to qualify – especially for the mid value ($11 particularly) tournaments where the number of fish is at a peak. Many of the tournaments which the steps entry tokens can be used for have nice guarantees of their own. For example the $11 tokens can get you into $17k or $8k guarantees and the $33 token into a $30k guarantee – in addition to several smaller ($500 to $5k guaranteed events). If you run on a limited bankroll, these are great games to grab yourself a tournament entry cheap, and imagine the bragging rights if you did turn a 16c entry into several grand in tournament winnings. Check out Titan Poker now – and see the fish for yourself! Remember bonus code SNGPLANET for your 200% match, $20 extra free cash with a min deposit of only $30!

GL at the tables, Mark

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