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Half Time Writing Challenge Update

My 100k words / 100k translations challenge for June is in full flow, despite the occasional pause for the football. I’m actually a little behind at the half-way point, with 41k English words and something like 65k in other languages in the pipeline already. I’m comfortable with this, a lot of planning and researching for new articles is complete… so it is now just a matter of getting those fingers going typing. As a quick aside I was wondering whether a blog post about the challenge should count towards the word total? Hmmm, guess I will see how close it all gets at the end of the month and decide from there.

Poker Bonus Clubs

My main focus has been on the Poker Bonus Club network of country sites. For those not familiar these are small (40 to 70 page) sites, which focus on beginning players and bonus information. I recently had a new design created, and the Hungarian and Russian versions are up – with Polish about to follow and Portuguese by the end of the month too. With a wider network of these sites out of date, it made sense to rewrite all the reviews, info articles and many of the strategy ones too. I now have a folder with around 30 articles which can go out to each country and be re-written (not just translated, I always prefer re-written!). Of course, these have some value… I might just have to break my own ‘no new sites for now’ rule and create an English Poker Bonus Club (though not this month, since I have a writing challenge to compete).

Autoresponder Series

Another writing task has been my autoresponder series. The PB Clubs are aimed at complete beginner level. So I came up with a couple of concepts for them. First a guide to how to find the easiest poker games, site + table selection and so on, this is in 2 parts. Next a Zoom Poker strategy eBook, again at beginner level… working on a couple of additional ideas at the moment for this, which should make it into a 6 to 8 e-mail sequence in total. Plan is to have it in Hungarian to begin with. Once I see what is working / what is not, then this will be rolled out to the other languages… Sit And Go Planet A big list of Russian articles are in the capable hands of my colleague Vladimir at the moment. I am sure that having these recreated will add a ton of value. What I am trying to do is get the RU version as up to date as possible before we move to the new template later in the summer… exciting times for this site! I have also been rewriting some English pages, with some focus on the satellites section. A new version of my Online Poker Events page has now gone up + new coverage including the GSOP and UKGPT tours. The SNG Blueprint course is in my crosshairs… I know, has been for a while now.... too much else to do for the moment though.

Other Sites / Misc

Well, most of my wider network is in the process of being retired at the moment. I have been keeping a few blogs up to date, always trying to look for different angles for these. Traffic is a little down in the evenings this month, as expected when so much of the core poker demographic is watching Euro 2012. This is less marked than I thought it might be, and player signups are moving along just fine. Fingers crossed I will continue to grow revenues and not just tread-water this month! I’m feeling prolific as far as ideas go at the moment too… my ‘potential business projects’ book is getting at least 1 entry a day, and even inside the poker business I keep thinking of new angles… Just need to focus on making the best revenue out of my core network for the moment – there will be plenty of time to invest in new ideas later in the year.

GL at the tables, Mark

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