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A Few SNG Themed Links

Got a few links to share today. Should do more posts like this really, after all it is too easy to live within your own little website bubble. All of these are SNG themed, including a mobile tool created by a reader and 2 interesting 2+2 threads which I had lurking in my bookmarks.First the tool – this is called PoketSNG and is a mobile phone analytics / ICM tool. From the preview it looks really good, with dynamic ranges, equity calculations and all the good stuff you need to know these days if you want to take SNGs seriously. At the moment this is only available for Windows Mobile, Android is in the works… not sure about an iPhone version at this point (I have asked!) I’ll review it more fully as and when the iPhone one comes out – in the meantime I’m happy to support a new business venture. This tool costs only 300 CZK (around $16) and will be great for learning SNGs while you are away from your computer. You can check it out at

If you have an interesting business venture which fits the themes of SNG Planet (SNGs, Tournaments and Satellites mostly!) then I might well give you a plug here – let me know via

Next a couple of links to 2+2. Quick disclaimer! 2+2 not somewhere I like to spend too much time. While there is little doubt that the strategy info and advice is some of the best anywhere – the attitude / egos there are just, well, odd… posturing geeks and teenage angst mostly, not big or clever - just kind of 'meh'! Anyway, that disclaimer aside here are a couple of interesting threads; 1) Volume for US Players: This thread is for those US readers who yearn for the Stars days of huge volume… it is to let you know that with a bit of mixing and matching buy-in levels, structures (hyper turbo in particular + double up games) and the discipline to grind – then serious volume if possible. Here are the stats of one poster to demonstrate (this is just 1.5ish months!!) jd4wg91 23,836 $0.38 $6 8% $8,985 - N/A Merge 7/24/2011 9/15/2011 E6-6 Spd=ST As soon as Merge allow new US players again I’ll let you know here. In the meantime, let this at least be a little inspiration that high volume is still possible – albeit with a few adjustments required. 2) Double Or Nothings

Well, I already cover Double Or Nothing Strategy here – though mine is aimed at beginning to intermediate level players rather than experts. This user created strategy post is more detailed and really hammers home the ‘survival’ aspect of the games… lots of good discussion follows (you’ll need to ignore the angst as usual!). I particularly liked the mid-blind advice about ‘topping back up’ to ensure you have fold equity at the bubble.

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GL at the tables, Mark

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