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A Few Beers + Poker Satellites

English people like myself have a good few expressions which do not really mean what they seem… one of them is ‘A Few Beers’. If I were to say that I had a ‘few beers last night…’, this would not actually mean a few at all. Seeing if someone wanted to go out for a ‘few beers’ would be an invitation for at least twice that many – and then probably on to the smaller, and much stronger stuff. Now, I’m partial to a couple of beers myself… and reading about another affiliate’s big plans for a deep and big website got my mind wandering off in a few different directions. Big websites are not that hard to create… you just have to keep on adding a couple of pages every day and pretty soon you have one.

Quality, personality and your own special angles can be added to the mix… and suddenly you have a big site without even trying. Managing them is another thing altogether – especially when you build a large number of them. I’ll tie back in with the few beers in a second. For now my question is why so few people in the business seem to actually do this (I’m fortunate enough to know many exceptions… a hell of a lot of people talk about it and never seem to manage though!). Some do not want big sites, many do though… so where is the gap between knowing how easy it is to put up a couple of good pages every day and actually doing it? Beats me. Right, beer. I figured out what I do differently, here is a contrast between a good day and a bad day. -    On a good day I wake up massively motivated and work like crazy… battling the 100’s of new ideas, writing 1000+ words an hour and so on… -    On a bad day (after a ‘few beers’, with a cold etc) I somehow manage keep that ball rolling… I write some of the more mundane stuff which needs doing (promos etc), I put some pages up on sites which are not a massive priority, or do some content for syndication… basically I have trained myself to squeeze useful tasks out of those bad days.

When I think about the difference between those affiliates who manage to build successful business / networks and those who do not – I wonder how much of it really comes down to making the most of the days when they really do not feel like working at all – rather than differences in how we approach the times when we are motivated and busy? Just a thought!

Poker Satellites Update

As you may know, I have a section of the site dedicated to Poker Satellites. This does need some freshening up, and today I made an effort to do exactly that. Today I added 3 new pieces, one covering the WPT Marbella, my first coverage of UKIPT satellites and one for the upcoming iPOPS at the super-fishy Titan Poker. The world series satellites are starting to appear again – so I have penciled in a look at those next week with coverage starting as soon as there are enough sites to compare and contrast the deals. Here are those new articles:

GL at the tables, Mark

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