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Euro Vegas + 5 Card Omaha

I’m back in the office after a fantastic trip to Madrid, Spain – where I caught up with an old university buddy after far too many years. Turns out he is living in Alcorcon, a medium sized town (175k people) just outside Madrid itself where the new ‘Euro Vegas’ is going to be built.

It was pouring with rain on Sunday, but being intrepid Brits we were not put off by a bit of damp weather and made our way to a small hill, 20 minutes from his apartment where I took a quick snap of the future site…the left hand side into the distance will be the main building site.

Come 2017, phase 1 will be completed and 4 hotels / casinos will be here including a 72 story skyscraper… If that hill (well, hillock might be fairer) is still there I’ll make an ‘after’ shot for you then.

Meanwhile, for those looking to get to real thing, we are working hard on our WSOP material for 2013. Party and 888 have already got their qualifiers running, and there is usually a rush from the other poker sites in April. The page is a little bare at the moment, since the comparison articles can ‘t be done until more sites release their details… I'll announce when the main page is up and running (probably next week).

5 Card Omaha

I have a soft spot for PLO, and played my first session of the 5 hole-card version over at PokerStars yesterday. It was fun for sure, with wrap / FD combos potentially having 2/3rds of the deck as outs... though of course more Full House redraw potential too. I liked the new table finder system. Rather than go through a big long list you just choose your buy-in and they find a table for you… The game was great fun too – it is new enough for players to call you down with some daft holdings. My advice to anyone checking this game out is that in 5-card PLO the 2nd Nuts is not just not your friend – it is potentially your worst damn enemy!

One more thing… Greg and I are planning a personal challenge on the World Series satellite qualifiers – more on that in a couple of weeks!

GL at the tables, Mark

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