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Enjoyment, German and 90 Player Knockouts!

Mixed post today, the last day we will be in the Planet office before xmas!! I Wanted to cover 3 separate topics in one post... starting with an apology! My apology is for German-speaking readers. We hoped to have the German version (well, first 100 articles) of this site up and running this month. You will now have to wait until the new year I'm afraid. We have the translations, but ran out of time / resources to proof-read and final check everything... leaving us a choice between putting the 'rough version' out or waiting a couple of weeks more.

I have chosen to wait - and hope you'll appreciate the difference when we go live with the new material in January! 2nd up - 90 Player Knockout SNGs... one of my favorite liesure activities! We now have an article decidated to these at Full Tilt. You'll meet some crazy opponents in them, and can gain some quick-first tournament experience too.

All in all an entertaining bankroll builder! Read More Here: Best 90 Player SNGs Finally, some words on enjoying your game... or more importantly not losing perspective on enjoying your game. Most of us 'non-pros' play for fun as well as profit, but many players also have the potential to quickly lose the balance between these two. A bad run, cold deck or simply getting bored with the grind can easily take your enjoyment from the game.

Taking breaks, changing games, switching to a new site or just dropping down a level and making crazy raises and plays can all help. However simply making sure you regularly remind yourself that poker is a fun passtime can really help with putting you in the right frame of mind... yeah the profit is nice, but hey, losing your love of the game could easily mean less future profits!  

Gl at those tables, Mark

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