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Challenging Myself - Writing In June

There are lots of different aspects of running a network of poker sites, the time can fly by just updating what we already have in place. Yet the one thing I enjoy doing more than anything else is writing. So, for June I have decided to set myself a goal – 100k new words published across my network. No short-cuts, no needless waffle… 100k of good solid pieces of content. As they say on TV ‘That’s Not All!!’….

I’m going to add 100k more words, absolutely free!

Carried away there- *ahem* – Right, I’m planning to publish an additional 100k words in different languages on top of the new English ones.

This will be off to a flying start within the next 10 days or so, when my Polish ‘bonus club’ branded site goes live… well, it is live now, what I mean is the new re-written and re-designed version of it (will announce on this blog). We also have some new Hungarian and Russian pieces to go up… and I guess I’d better request some more! At the same time as upping the content generation, I’ll be shrinking my network. I have already chosen 3 sites for the axe, Rakeback-Planet will go at the end of the summer (just not an area I want to be involved in any more, and have not been for a while), Fairest Poker will be killed off this month, and Cereus Poker uk will also get the chop… these are not for sale, I’ll just redirect the domains to some existing sites. There are a couple more sites on ‘death row’ at the moment… Feels great to reduce the sites, each time one goes there is just a little piece of ‘failing to update guilt’ off of my shoulders!

Other Plans For June The redesign for SNG Planet is underway. I am really confident that our designer will come up with something special. He is from outside of the poker / affiliate industries and has a lot of fresh ideas. The first ‘phase’ should be ready by the end of June, though moving the content and publishing the new look will probably take a month or two longer, not least because ‘holiday season’ will be with us. We will get started on the next PB Club this month too. New plan is to pause and reassess here after 5 are done (about to publish the 3rd With Poland). I want to have a system in place to keep these up to date before we get into the same old ‘too many sites to manage’ scenario again… Ok – might do a more detailed Planet Corp update at some point this month… this post was more to get my writing challenge in, erm, writing – kind of makes it ‘official’ in my mind and motivates me to crack right on!

GL at the tables, Mark

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