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A Big Head Start This Week With My Updated Fish-o-Meter

Yesterday morning I got fed up with waiting. In a way I ‘caught myself’ procrastinating, and over a long period of time. It started with black-Friday, then waiting to see if Full Tilt would return… and last waiting to see whether Carbon (Merge) would start allowing new US sign-ups again. In the end it all came to a head on a Sunday morning – and I spent all day updating my ‘Fish-O-Meter’ widget with the fishiest poker sites as of *now!*.You can see the result of around 12 solid hours updating the .php code directly here:

Yeah, that code… I was only changing the sites around and writing out my reasons for rating them in different ways, not actually coding. The fun part was that it only takes one stray character – one tired typo – and the whole thing falls over. Not to mention the fun and games of finding where you got to in all that code, and the fact that it needed uploading to my server to even test! Never mind, the results are great, Full Tilt are gone (as are remaining UB mentions), the US part now features sites that US readers can actually use (not much choice above the micros – though Cake still offer reasonable games and Carbon will hopefully start accepting new US players again soon).

For the non-US I changed things around a fair bit, Stars got demoted in a few places – though they are still best for higher buy-ins… and Red Kings (OnGame) got a few more entries to match their recent software fixes and very soft games. William Hill replaced Titan on the iPoker Network too. I hope it was worth the trouble that working all day Sunday got me into. At around 7pm my long suffering other half did not look impressed at all when I turned down her offer of watching a movie… will see whether there is any overspill on that one later. I also got behind on a couple of other projects which needed attention - sorry folks – will work on those today. On the plus side I’m coming into Monday morning feeling great – ready and willing to crack on with a ton of writing and sorting out today that will bring me closer to my big financial challenge set up for December!

GL at the tables (and check out my Fish-o-Meter soon!). Mark

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