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Online Poker Games in Euros

Red Kings (the best site on the OnGame Network) have made the move over to Euros. They are the 3rd poker site / network to do this (see below), and I do not think they will be the last.

With many of the bigger / publicly owned sites not having allowed players from the US for almost a decade (since the UIGEA in 2006), the use of USD as poker’s base currency was getting overdue for a change.

The immediate effects for Red Kings is to put the bonuses up a little.

5 Solid Reasons I No Longer Play at PokerStars (and recommend that you don’t either)

For years PokerStars has been the single biggest poker site. I have been recommending international readers to check out their games for as long as I can remember. In mid-2015 I stepped back and took another look at my reasoning. The conclusion is clear, PokerStars is not the best place to play for recreational players, it is certainly not the best place for new players and – unless you really need super high volume to eek out that profit – I no longer even believe it is the best place for semi-pros either.

Big Shift in 2015 US Poker Network Numbers

If there is one thing we can be sure of with the US offshore poker scene, it is that things will keep changing. The biggest change as we hit the middle of 2015 is that former leading network Merge has slipped down into 4th place – with the Chico Network the main beneficiary. This post shows you the rankings, and also gives a quick update of the latest news from each network.

Fishmarket + US Lottery Sit N Goes

I was disappointed when Red Kings dropped my favorite tournament promo around a year ago. The ‘Fishmarket’ has just the right balance (low cost, big prizes, entertaining) to keep me coming back for more. The good news is that the Fishmarket is back – and it’s guarantee is as big as ever.

A little further down this post, I have covered the new Jackpot (Lottery) Sit n Goes at America’s Cardroom, and their upcoming $1 million guaranteed tournament. First of all, some more about the Fishmarket.

Red Kings Added Sit n Goes Promo

I do not often base blog posts on specific promotions. The new ‘added Sit N Goes’ from the non-US Red Kings will be the exception today – this one caught my eye as one of the better ideas around at the moment. The concept is very simple, and should create a positive return for lower buy-in Sit N Go fans right away.

Here is the idea:


Planet Corp Update April 2015

Time for another behind the scenes look into Planet Corp and the team making it all happen with my online projects. It has been a busy first quarter of the year. Then again I really can’t recall the last time when things were not super-busy around here. Relaxing is just not a part of my nature, I’d go as far as to say that I don’t really see the point…

Planet Corp Is Hiring: Gambling Writer Needed

It is time to open the doors once more, and seek a new colleague here at Planet Corp. I'm looking for a gambling writer. You’ll be in excellent company. Only clear thinking, reliable and talented individuals ever make the cut.

The main objective is to find someone who can help me write for my casino project, which is building up at the moment. This has sports betting, casino and poker sections, with a mobile gambling flavour. I’m aiming big with this one (50 to 100 new articles a month, every month), and I need someone to cover at least 2 of the 3 verticals.


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