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PokerStars Carnival Of Tournaments - Golden SNGs

With the 900,000,000th tournament on PokerStars approaching The Carnival Of Tournaments rolls into town on April 14th with a key promotion being the return of the Golden Sit N Goes. These are your regular Sit N Go games, only during the promotion random games are is selected and additional prizes (some of them big) are awarded to the players - you will not know whether your game is selected until it starts.

Planet Corp Update April

Last month saw the long awaited visit to Planet HQ of Rich aka Drarr, who has been contributing to this site since the earliest days. As we move into the 2nd quarter of the year in the poker world, all eyes turn to the World Series qualifier season. You’ll also find an update from Knockout Writing... where most of my own focus has been for this past month.

Plugging Poker Leaks By Thinking In Years

Today’s post is about a subtle shift in perspective that can save (or make) you a lot of money at the poker tables. I have introduced the idea of thinking in years using 2 non-poker examples – and then after that return to 3 areas of your play and show how the financial rewards of working on them may be a lot bigger than you think.

Thinking in years gives you a bigger incentive, and increases your motivation to work on things. Here is a recent true example based on Sugar.

Planet Corp Update March

This is my regular monthly report from behind the scenes here at Planet HQ. I have summarized the various projects, updates to existing websites and new ideas in the pipeline – all in quick-fire fashion. This month some great news about my content service, a big new project about to go-live, plus a lot of incremental improvements…

Sunday Million Event - A Great Opportunity To Stock Up On PokerStars Tournament Dollars

The $8 million guaranteed Sunday Million this coming Sunday (March 2nd) is 2 opportunities in one. First, there is the obvious opportunity – to win the thing and take down the $1,000,000 guaranteed for first place. Second (and the subject of today’s post) is to pack your account full of ‘Tournament Dollars’ which can be used to enter any tournament or sit and go you choose.

Here is how it works:

First Look At Carbon’s Mobile Poker Client

Carbon Poker have become the first of the offshore US-friendly sites to offer a mobile poker game. This can be played in your browser, and handles cash games only at this point. There are also promises of full apps and tournament play in the future. I had a try via both my Android Phone and iPad, and here are my initial thoughts and some screen shots.

I tried the iPad first – this is the larger-screened iPad4.

Planet Mark’s Guide To Not Being A Full Tilt Blackjack Fish

I saw some play at Full Tilt Poker last night that brought tears to my eyes. Nothing too unusual there you might think - only this was at the new Blackjack tables rather than in poker. Some of these plays were handing the house a 50%+ edge on each hand. It was not just the 10c players making them either, one guy doubled a 14 against a dealer 6 betting $25 a hand. Once you know even the basics of blackjack odds that is enough to make a grown man cry! 

Random Thoughts On Mimicry In Online Poker Games

One of the things I love about poker is that psychology is vital to winning. There are many situations from hand-reading, through to stack pressure and inducing tilt where mind-games are a key factor. At the same time there are many more subtle uses of psychology, and the ‘Mimicry’ idea which I’m exploring here comes directly from completely different phenomenon.

Most people will mark themselves as ‘above average’.


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