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Is the iPoker Network in Terminal Decline?

There have been many ‘changes of the guard’ as far as the popular poker sites go over the years. As I mentioned in my Poker Inflection Points post recently, changes are happening again. I have always been a fan of the iPoker Network (for their soft games more than anything!), though have noticed a decline there recently… I’m now starting to wonder whether this is terminal!

What is Happening at iPoker?

The short answer is not a lot!

Head to Head with the SCOOP

When I saw that both Party and 888 Poker had scheduled their latest events to clash with the PokerStars SCOOP, I was puzzled. Surely the behemoth that is PokerStars have enough players to crush these ‘minnows’ ?

After pondering this for a couple of days, I have changed my mind. There are a few different reasons for this, detailed below. First up, some background on the clashing events.

5 Inflection Points for Online Poker

Considering how short a time online poker has been around, the history has been a real rollercoaster. We have had booms, busts (in 2006 and 2011), renewals in between – and a phase when it looked like rakeback / grinders would literally suffocate the games… Poker survived, it always does. As we hit spring 2017 there are many forces acting on the game. I have split these into 5 ‘Inflection Points’. Of course, they interact with each other too, and there are always the unknown unknowns to complicate the picture.

MicroGaming Ditch Full-Ring Sit N Goes

Some interesting news coming from MicroGaming. In among several changes to their Sit N Goes, they have announced that full-ring games are to become a thing of the past…  I think this is the start of a trend. In many ways, full ring Sit and Goes have become a victim of how easy they are to play mechanically…

First, here is an overview of the main changes over at MicroGaming. After that are some expanded thoughts on what this means for Sit n Go fans moving forward.

Celiac Guide to Las Vegas

I just returned from an amazing Christmas in Las Vegas. Highlights included shows, a helicopter ride, cocktail / casino crawls and fine dining – oh, and getting married to my fiancé of 12 years!

This was also my first trip after being diagnosed as celiac earlier in the year. This post is to guide anyone else with 'gluten issues' visiting Vegas.

Best Vegas Poker Vlogs

I remember when 'blogspot' blogging was a thing. There were 50 or maybe 100 people posting at least weekly. I started with that myself, with no idea that I’d still be running a network of websites more than 8 years later… these days video blogs are getting popular. Poker celebs have been running them for a while. Negreanu and so on. After following a few regular players, and really enjoying the format – I figured it was time to share my favourites. This post focuses on some Vegas based non-celeb types. I will cover those from other places later. 

Sit N Go 2.0 Coming to America’s Cardroom

I had to think twice about posting this piece. On one hand the Sit N Go 2.0 idea previewed by America’s Cardroom sounds quite promising. On the other hand, it does feel all a bit hyped… revolutionising SNGs? I’d like a cup of tea and a biscuit with that please! It is the fact that a well known face from the world of Sit N Goes is involved that swung it for me… and I’ll admit that despite the hype I am looking forward to trying out the games.

10 Lies Poker Players Tell Themselves

These lies are not the sort that get told to other people. You know, the ‘bad beat that would have made me chip lead in the Sunday Million’ type of thing (meaning average+ stack with 800 to go)… This post covers the lies that we tell ourselves. Of course, poker players are not unique here – we could apply similar ideas to getting fit, eating healthy and many other topics.

In no particular order!

Top 10 Lies Online Poker Players Tell Themselves

#1 – 'I’ll only play when I am awake, sober and sharp…'