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Spin and Go SNGs

Spin and Goes, the new random prize pool Sit N Go format from PokerStars has gone live across all of their sites. The format will be familiar to anyone who has played the Jackpot Sit N Goes at Full Tilt, or the ‘Twister’ games at iPoker. The rake is lower, the prizes bigger, and there are consolations for the runners up…

This post looks at whether these games are really worth playing, which are the best of the 3 now available – and provides some links to help you with strategy + a great offer of tokens to try these games.

Cashing In 100,000 Gold Coins

At the weekend I decided it was time to cash in my pile of Gold Coins, accumulated without really trying over at Titan Poker. I got to 143,000ish, and had been meaning to see what I could get for them for a while. Now, it would be great to share with you a tale of a big fat bonus or Sunday Major entry… alas, it was not to be.

Here is the process step-by-step.

Titan Gold Coins Cashing In

September – My Favorite Poker Month

September is always a great month for poker, and 2014 is no exception. At this time of year poker sites emerge from their summer lull. They kick of huge events, restart their fight for players with competing offers and announce qualifiers for live events in the fall. To top it all, there is the World Championship of Online Poker about to get going.

This post gives you a flavor of what is in store for poker fans this September. You’ll find US and International Events, a couple of interesting offers – and a preview of the WCOOP too.

Planet Corp Update August 2014

My Planet Corp update posts, where I give insights into the business side of things, have officially gone random… Not the content – the timing. Instead of a monthly report, these updates will now be irregular, and also less frequent too. I enjoy giving a behind-the-scenes peek into the plans and goings on here at Planet HQ. At the same time I’m aware that most readers here just want the strategy and ideas for their poker game.

First up, a tale of an abandoned site with a pleasant surprise involved.

Jackpot Sit N Goes Come To Full Tilt Poker

My first reaction after playing the new Jackpot Sit N Go games at Full Tilt Poker can be summed up with one word – Twister. Yep, these are more or less copies of the iPoker ‘Twister Jackpot Sit N Go’ concept released a few months ago. They are 3 handed, super-fast and have a randomly assigned jackpot.

I was a little bemused.

Why would Full Tilt, who have been the innovator in poker games for so many years, suddenly become the ones to copy?

After a little pondering the subject I have come to the conclusion that they are certainly owed one!

Phones, Tablets and Poker’s Recreational Future

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of online poker. While the US State regulation is a disaster at the moment, there are some real reasons to be optimistic for the rest of the world. Poker has turned the corner from sites full of break-even grinders living off of their rakeback deals. We are heading for different kind of online poker world, one which is dominated by recreational players and mobile devices.

Let me explain.

Opinion: Offshore Poker Sites Are A Red Herring In New Jersey’s Slow Takeup

New Jersey’s online poker launch has not been a success. While most commentators are putting a brave face on things, focusing on small positives – the big picture is bleak. Take up is massively off of projections, and revenue is no longer growing. This news is important not just for New Jersey residents, the continual expansion of State regulated poker depends on the success of the pioneering States.

So, the search for something to blame is in full effect.

First it was the banks and their failure to allow cards to be used.


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