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Poker Events in February and March 2016

There are a lot of events, both live and online, which you can win tickets (or even trips) to enter. Instead of doing individual write-ups for each, I have consolidated them into one post.  Highlights include 2 big events (including a $10,000,000 guaranteed Sunday Million) and 2 and a half great live tournament destinations!

Planet Marks Poker Predictions for 2016

I’m optimistic about the online poker industry as a whole this year. This post outlines some thoughts on this. Really a collection of separate bits and pieces gained from being ‘immersed’ in the industry on a day to day basis. It will be out there in the public domain, so if I am completely off of the mark you all get to laugh at me in a year’s time.

Books I Enjoyed in 2015

This might have been a brutal year in terms of business (see this post (spoiler – we came out on top!)), though that did not stop me enjoying a lot of books. My philosophy on reading is very simple. There is a huge source of wisdom, entertainment and actionable ideas out there in the written form…and I see it as my mission to go out and hunt for the gems.

OnGame Becomes the NYX Network

... and Announces a New Online Tournament Event for Xmas!

I have always liked OnGame. This network were pioneers in many ways, with the first mobile poker client and back in the day the first Mac download too. For whatever reasons they never quite broke through to the volume of players needed to really thrive – though the software is still great, games still soft and innovations like the Fishmarket and Grand Series of Poker kept things fresh.

How a Poker Player Learned to Appreciate Online Casinos

A guest post today (the first one ever if I am not mistaken!) from Nick of Chasing Jack fame. I thought this covered the issues of cognitive dissonance that stops many poker fans from enjoying house-edge games very nicely. By pure coincidence (maybe!) I am pleased to announce that Sit N Go Planet has just started what will become extensive coverage of Real Money Casinos

Halloween Cliche Post: 9 Scary Things You Do To Yourself At The Poker Tables!

Alright, it’s a cliché… though with Halloween everywhere around it is a great opportunity to remind you all of some scary habits which cost you money at the tables.

Of course, not everyone makes all of these scary mistakes. The way I look at things, you only need to correct one of them – and this post will have been a success.

Planet Corp Update October 2015

I’m going to give this post the theme of ‘wrong’… as in, things I got wrong. This year has been a rough one so far. Partly the industry, partly some decisions I made along the way. If you have not come across a Planet Corp Update before, this is the quarterly (approx.) post where I take you behind the scenes here at Planet HQ – and talk about the business side past, present and future.

The State of Double or Nothing Sit N Goes

Around 4 years ago, Double or Nothing Sit N Goes were causing quite a stir. These games were the latest idea, and recreational players were flocking to them. The quicker format and unique strategy (almost never call on the bubble, especially when there is a small stack around) was fresh and entertaining… Well, that was 4 years ago – and a lot has changed since then…


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