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Las Vegas Trip Report March 2019

While there are some definite drawbacks to working for yourself. When it comes to flexibility, it can’t be beaten. Planet Erika and I got fed up with the drab Hungarian Winter, and took a last minute vacation – to our favourite place, Las Vegas.

With only a weeks notice, there was no time for major planning. Luckily Mlife and Caesars came though with comped hotels… and an off-season flight offer from BA capped the deal.

Here are the trip highlights.

Christmas Poker Promos Roundup 2018

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of Christmas… not exactly in the ‘bah humbug’ camp either. Horrible music, commercialisation growing every year, forced party attendance… nope, not for me!

Now the good news. Christmas online poker promos are often a great way to top up your bankroll with some freebies and soft tournament action.

Vegas Trip Report November 18

Fresh back from Las Vegas trip number 6. Here is a quick-fire report, with slots, shows, hotel and restaurant highlights.

No poker this time. Same reason as always. I go with the intention of enjoying a game, then walk past the poker rooms… In contrast to the lively atmosphere elsewhere, these places are grim. Full of exactly the types of people I don’t want to waste precious vacation time sitting with. Sure, the lower limit games are +ev in terms of money. For me they are hugely minus ev in terms of enjoyment. Maybe next time!

First, some thoughts on hotels.

Online Poker’s Eastern Euro Tax: You Don’t Have to Pay!

Small Stakes Grinders Can Suffocate Games

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll have seen a lot of Eastern European players at the bigger online poker sites. They multi-table. I’m not just thinking about the central and Eastern EU countries…. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are all part of the same problem.

FlopoMania Poker at 888 First Look and Strategy

New poker formats are goldmines. There is a sweet spot of 2 to 3 weeks to fill your bankroll. Recreational players flood in to see what all the buzz is about. ‘Regs’ (grinders) have not yet had time to settle in and develop strategies to beat the games.

This is the reason I logged on to the new game at 888 called ‘flopomania’ early on a Sunday morning to check it out. As you’ll find out, I was not disappointed!

Here is what is below:

Are You Making Yourself an Online Poker Target?

There are certain things that new players do at online poker tables which flag them as novices. This is dangerous. You will find plenty of players who are looking out for these flags. Their aim is to play pots against the new players, taking advantage of mistakes. This post has two goals. First, for newer readers, to highlight some ways you ‘give yourself away’. Second, for readers who have more experience – to show some things to look out for!