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Overview Of VIP Clubs And Poker Site Loyalty Rewards

Online poker sites are at war – with each other – and you can take advantage!

Their goal is to attract and retain players, and to grow large enough to offer more choice of games, bigger promotions and better bonuses to attract even more players – a ‘virtuous circle’ which can propel a site to the top of the rankings. You can take advantage of this as a player, by shopping around for the best bonuses, promotions and loyalty schemes. This is where our comparison tool comes in handy to give you a direct comparison of what is on offer for players at the largest poker sites.

How Poker Loyalty Schemes Work

How Poker Loyalty Schemes WorkYou’ll get points for playing real money games which can be exchanged for cash bonuses, tournament entries or goods (widgets, apparel) from online stores.

How many points depends on what buy-in levels you play at, what kind of games and whether you are playing during ‘happy hours’ or at designated ‘game of the week’ tables. What is more, you’ll move up through different tiers at all of the sites – and as you move up you will accumulate points faster, which in turn lets you move up levels faster!

Now, different sites have different points requirements, different speeds at which you move up levels, different multipliers once you get there and different bonuses and rewards on offer too.

This is where the SNG Planet VIP Loyalty Reward Tool comes in.

With the math for the different schemes, the average point accumulation for different games + all the multipliers included, you can now see side-by-side comparisons of where you get the most bang for your buck!

Extra Loyalty Rewards Which Are Harder To Quantify

Some more good news! There are extra components of these loyalty schemes which are harder to quantify, and can still add significant amounts to your poker bankroll.

These include freeroll entries, some of them up to $100,000 prize pools. Leader board payments and points races, which have the advantage of increasing the amount of points you earn at the same time as giving you access to cash prizes.

Missions and challenges (think Party and Titan Treasures) and reload bonuses too.

The value of each of these depends on your individual participation and goals, so instead of adding them to the widget (an impossible task) you will find an ‘extra benefits’ link in the table above, which gives you a summary of the extras available at each poker site.

Remember That Some Poker Sites Are More Profitable Than Others

One more thing to bear in mind, some poker sites are far more profitable than others when it comes to the experience level of your average opponents.

When you think about it, most pro-grinders end up on just a couple of the biggest sites. By eeking out a profit over 12+ tables, they can dry up the games considerably.

Compare this to sites which have a more recreational feel, or networks like iPoker (Titan Poker) which include big sports-betting brands with all the traffic that entails.

The difference is like chalk and cheese!

You’ll find our original and most popular widget shows you what sites are softest for your particular choice of games – check out the Fish-o-Meter here!

* How To Calculate Loyalty Rewards For Different Buy-Ins And Games

Here is how to get accurate output from the loyalty scheme tool for different games, buy-ins and fees. This can get so complex that the tool would have been unusable with every single permutation included – so instead I came up with some simple guidelines which will give the most accurate results possible.

  1. Games With Different Buy-Ins

    For example, there are $15 SNGs at PokerStars and $26 Tournaments at Full Tilt which do not fit neatly into our buy-in levels.

    Here you should use the level below your buy-in, and add a number of games proportional to the extra without the fee component. For example if you play 20 $15’s per day, then choose $11 and put 30 games instead.

  2. Games With Different Fees

    Double-or-Nothing SNGs, Hyper Turbos, Heads-Up Games And several other variations have lower fees than standard games.

    The best way to get accurate results here is to choose a lower tournament buy-in level which best matches your fee. For example, if you play the $20+$1 double-up games, the fee (and so the points you earn) is the same as for the standard $10+$1 SNGs – just choose that instead with the right number of games…

  3. Poker Variations And Your Personal Style

** Our Poker loyalty programs widget is based on NL Holdem. Hands per hour accounts for table size, but does not account for how aggressively you choose to play. If you are wild and loose, then you will naturally accumulate more points (and pay more rake) than a more conservative player.

Games like Omaha, Fixed Limit poker variants and stud are harder to assess. On one hand the rake is higher, so you’ll earn more points, on the other the action is often a little slower – so less hands per hour. You’ll need to estimate how much more in fees the bigger pot sizes are costing you in Omaha (for example) and factor that in. If there are enough requests for this then we may add the most common variations to a future update of the loyalty schemes tool.

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