Best Way To Build A Sit N Go Poker Bankroll From $50 – Part #2 – SNG Game Choices

Which Are The Best Sit N Go Poker Games To Grind A Bankroll From $50?
Here I Discuss The Different Sit N Goes Available And Look At The Pros And Cons Of Each

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In the first part of this series, I looked at the best sites to build your Sit and Go Tournament Bankroll from $50. This installment continues this discussion by looking at the individual game types, focusing on those which are favored by players grinding their way towards a big bankroll. While I do not expect players to stay in one area forever!

I’ll look at 1 table SNGs, 2 tables, 5 tables and 20 tables, double-or-nothing games and finally hyper-turbos (sometimes called super-turbos). The matrix below shows the pros and cons of each game type, as well as linking to the key strategy or information article on that subject.

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One more important thing to note before I get to the games themselves – equilibrium.

The balance between easy games and those which are ‘regular infested’ is constantly shifting. For example, 2-table SNGs might be seen as soft – then more and more competent players shift to them to take advantage. This not only causes these games to become tougher over time, it leaves a gap in other games which these players left… for example the 1-table games might soften up for a while.

Times when there is a brand new game are especially good, for example, when the Fifty50 games at PokerStars were new, a lot of casual players went to try them out. This attracted the SNG grinders, leaving the ‘normal’ 1-table games softer. Eventually some people decided to specialize and the Fifty50 games reached a balance point. Repeat when Zoom was new, and so on.

Following the new games is always a good strategy. Taking the time to make sure that you are not playing against a majority of winning regulars in your chosen game is an even better one! This brings me back full circle to finding the sites which have a regular input of players from casino or sports betting… read more in my Best Sites For SNGs article, which looks at these games from the perspective of different types of player.

1-Table Sit N Goes
  • Steady Profits (Low Variance)
  • Easy To Multi-Table
  • Range Of Buy-In Levels To Suit
  • Can Become A ‘Grind’ Many Multi-Tablers At Mid-Levels Up
18 Player Sit N Goes
  • Attract Bad Opponents Top Heavy Payout
  • (Bigger profits for skilled players)
  • Less Choice At Many Sites Higher Variance (4 from 18 paid)
  • Lack Of Higher Buy-Ins
45 Player SNG Tournaments
  • High ROI Potential Attract Terrible Opponents
  • Can Multi-Table At Larger Sites
  • Top Heavy Payout = Higher Variance
  • Longer Games, Particularly Non-Turbos Little High-Levels Action
180 Player SNG Tournaments
  • High ROI Potential High Volume Attainable At Lower Limits
  • Plenty of ‘Dead Money’
  • Longer Time To Play Continual Multi-Tabling Restricted
  • (Starting New 3 hours Into Session Not Ideal)
Double Or Nothing SNGs + Fifty50
  • Lower Rake (Fees)
  • Very Easy To Multi-Table
  • Good Range Of Buy-In Levels + Sites Offering Them
  • Can Get Dull Very Quickly Mid-Levels Full Of Grinders
Hyper / Super-Turbo SNGs
  • Huge Volume Of Games, Easy To Multi-Table
  • Can Beaten With Basic ICM / Range Knowledge
  • Large Number Of Regs (Daytime)
  • Smaller Edge Due To Shallow Stacks

Planet Mark's Overall Verdict- Start With 1-Table Games, Build Your Bankroll, Then Hit The 180's To Gain MTT Experience

It would be easy to say that this is down to individual preference – yet some games do stick out as better for bankroll building than others. Single table SNG tournaments are the best of all they have stood the test of time for a decade already and show no signs of slowing down, the factor here is that the skills you learn as you move up are scalable (with some work) to the very highest limits – meaning you can continue to build your Sit N Go bankroll using these long after the potential for the other games has faded. Remember also that maintaining a good ROI can really benefit from investing in some of the great poker software tools available today. Sure, I get that the one-table games get boring after a little while, which is why I suggest that you use these to build your bankroll, then cross over into either cash games or multi-table tournaments when you have a comfortable financial cushion.

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