Multi-Table Sit n Goes – Which Is The Best Site for Multi-Table Sit N Goes?

Here I have Compared Multi-Table Sit N Go Tournaments At The Major Sites.

With Multi-Table Sit N Go Tournaments there is a trade-off between choice / volume of games - and value. While the biggest choice by far (and quickest games to fill up) are at Pokerstars. These tend to have a number of 'small stakes pros' in them - especially at the lower to middle levels... making them less profitable. On the other side we have some of the mid-sized networks (especially those attached to sports betting brands) who have games which are hugely profitable - yet you'll be restricted to NL Holdem and buy-ins under $22.

I go into some detail on the Multi Table SNGs for Pokerstars, Red Kings Poker (MPN) and Titan Poker below - Under these at the bottom of this page will find my usual 'SNG Planet Verdict' where I pick a winner! US Players only really have one site which focuses on tournaments enough to have a viable SNG ecosystem - that is America's Cardroom - you can read my review here.

One last thing, I advise all readers to at at least see the games at the 'sports betting' network poker sites (primarily OnGame and iPoker) - there is such a massive difference in the standard of play, and I think you will spot it immediately!

Best Multi-Table Sit And Goes - Candidate #1 -

Pokerstars is the world’s largest poker site and offer the widest selection of multi-table sit n go tournaments – but does this mean it is the best? In my opinion the huge variety of games and buy-in levels make up for the larger number of 'pro grinders' at the mid stakes and below. You will find a lot of of profitable players in the games, many of them will be playing 6, 8 or even more tables at once. Sure, there are still enough amateurs to make the games profitable - though this does not compare to other sites.

If you want to multi-table the multi-table Sit N Goes for profit then Pokerstars are the only real choice - the sheer number of games available can not be beaten anywhere else online. If you are a recreational or beginning player looking for the occasional bankroll-boosting win while you learn, well - there are better choices available!

Multi-Table SNGs At Pokerstars - No Limit Holdem Multi-Table SNGs:

There are simply 100’s of games to choose from at any one time. The field sizes range from 12 players (2 tables of 6-max SNGs) right up to the famous PokerStars 180 player Sit N Goes - which are great for players looking for tournament experience without having to spend too much time. 18 player (2-table) games, and both 45 and 90 player SNGs are hugely popular and are split between turbo (5-minute blinds) and standard (15 minute blinds). Buy in levels are from $1 up to $200 for the high rollers, with a wide range in-between to suit all pockets. The tables are fast to fill – even the 180 player SNGs fill in less than 4 minutes at peak times!

Multi-Table SNGs At Pokerstars - Other Game Types:

Pot Limit and Fixed Limit MTT Sit N Goes are available at a range of buy-ins. You will also find Omaha (PLO), Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-Card Stud. 7-Stud Hi-Lo, Razz, HORSE. HOSE, draw and 8-game poker all available in multi-table SNG format. The buy-in levels again feature something for everyone, though above the lower limits the variations can take a while to fill..

Multi-Table SNGs At PokerStars - Pros and Cons:

The players at Pokerstars tend to be tougher than at many other sites, as there are a percentage of 'pro grinders' who play a lot of tables, eeking out a small profit from each that adds up over time. In 2013 this happens at all stakes, with so many lower-GDP countries discovering online poker you can even find people 12-tabling the $1.50c Sit N Goes! Don't let that put you off, for those players serious about growing their skills and their bankroll the games are still beatable - the point I wanted to make here is that the games are somewhat tougher at Pokerstars, and while the big choice makes up for this, you will have to work that little bit harder to spot the 'good' players and find out how to beat them!

The welcome bonus at Stars is a 100% match up to $600 for new players, which you can claim over up to 3 'first deposits' (choose 'Affiliate Marketing Code' from the 'Where did you hear about us?' list when you register - and when the new box appears enter Pokerstars Marketing Code PSP3108 ). Where Pokerstars really excel if with their generous VIP club – the points add up quickly and can be used for freerolls (many from $20k prize pools and of course the infamous monthly $1 million freeroll called the Turbo Takedown), tournament satellites or to buy goods including books or electronics from the store.

Multi-Table SNGs At Pokerstars - The SNG Planet Rating: 8/10

With a choice of games that can not be matched by any other site, Pokerstars is a must-see for aspiring pro players - especially if you like to play several games at once and do not like waiting for the tables to fill up! Check out PokerStars for yourself today – Use Marketing Code PSPxxxx (when you register) to claim you 100% to $600 bonus and start enjoying those great loyalty benefits!

Best Multi-Table SNGs - Candidate #2 - Red Kings Poker (MicroGaming Network)

Update: Red Kings are doing better than ever, and are now on the MicroGaming Network. 

A Complete change over here for my latest update of this article - with OnGame's coolest site Red Kings Poker entering the article. For those who are not yet familiar with OnGame, this is the poker room used by many of the biggest sports betting brands - many of them household names like Bwin and Betfair. What you will find is that a lot of people start off with their football / soccer bets, then 'discover' the poker games. This means a lot of recreational players who are enjoying a gamble are at the tables. You'll find this makes the games easy for beginners and profitable for more experienced players - a great reason to include OnGame in my top 3 for these games! Find out more in my Red Kings Poker Review.

Multi-Table SNGs At Red Kings - No Limit Holdem Multi-Table SNGs:

Your choices of MTT sit and goes at Red Kings are 20, 30 and 50 players - turbo (3 minute blinds) and normal (8 minute blinds). These tend to sit there in the listings with just a few players registered for a while - then boom - they fill up fast. I guess when it looks like they are getting going a lot of the 1-table players get tempted to join in!

You'll find these games incredibly soft compared to other sites - I could use more words like 'profitable', 'fish' and 'easy' just here, but it really is best of you just have a look for yourself... I am very sure that a lot of readers will wonder how they missed this great site for so long!

One more thing to note, while there are no bigger multi-table Sit and Goes. You will find the multi-table tournaments at OnGame are much smaller than at other sites. This is great for those players who would like a quick game, though do not want to spend half the night working through massive fields. Think 200-300 for the mid-stakes tournaments and you are on the right track.

Multi-Table SNGs At Red Kings Poker -Pros and Cons:

Well the selection of Multi-table Sit N Go tournaments available is somewhat limited at Red Kings. This is balanced by the loose and wild nature of those sports-betting opponents!

On the positives list is the great software (multi-platform including mobile), easy games and regular promos.

In addition to the choice of 6 big welcome bonuses at Red Kings Poker, you will get an extra €300 bonus the first time you are dealt the two red kings in a cash game - this goes up to €500 if you lose the hand! Red Kings is my top rec for many games in 2016, and one to check out for yourself. Click here to visit Red Kings Poker now and see those crazy games for yourself!

Multi-Table SNGs At Red Kings Poker - SNG Planet Rating 7/10

Best Multi-Table Sit N Goes - Candidate #3 - Titan Poker

multi-table sit and goes at iPoker's TitanTitan Poker are the biggest site in a network of sites which make up the iPoker Network. Combined this is the 3rd largest pool of poker players on the net with massive traffic volumes, especially at the weekends and European evenings. Titan Poker are bonus and promotion crazy with new promotions almost every week. The main plus point for this site is the terrible players – this time thanks to sports betting brands such as PaddyPower and William Hill. I am a big fan of this site, who go out of their way to attract recreational players, making the games entertaining as well as profitable.

Multi-Table SNGs At Titan Poker - No Limit Holdem Multi-Table SNGs:

The standard NL Holdem MTT SNGs range from 20 players (2 tables) then 50, then 100. The buy-ins available are suitable for the lower stakes poker player from just $1+20c up to $10+1. The 2-table 6 person ‘Dirty Dozen’ Sit N Goes have an added twist – win 4 of these $2+40c SNGs in a row and you get a cash prize of $2000 (these are part of the fantastic Jackpot SNGs setup). Like OnGame you'll sometimes have to wait for some of the games to kick off, however the easy games dol make it worth the wait.


Multi-Table SNGs At Titan Poker - Pros and Cons:

Again the only multi table sit and go tournaments available are for no limit Holdem players, the higher stakes players are also not catered for here (though MTTs / 1 table SNGS and Cash are all well covered at all levels). There are 2 main benefits of this site. Firstly the players are very bad… again you’ll have to see it with your own eyes to believe it!

Secondly they have a generous €1500 (200% match) sign-up bonus plus $20 extra in free cash for out readers (this will be deposited direct to your player account within 48 hours (use bonus code SNGPLANET to claim yours - min $30 first deposit for the extra cash), very regular reload bonuses and many promotions including one of the most generous VIP loyalty programs, which was just upgraded to include some great new features under the 'Titan Treasures' system!

Claim your extra $20 now with bonus code SNGPLANET - while you check out what you have been missing in terms of the easiest poker games anywhere online! Click here to visit

Multi-Table SNGs At Titan Poker - SNG PLANET RATING 7/10

Titan Poker Bonus Code = SNGPLANET

Drumroll Please... it is time for the:

Best MTT SNG Poker Site - Mark's SNG Planet Verdict

Red Kings and Titan both have super-soft fields (Red Kings and OnGame the softest for me!) however both have multi-table SNG games which are slow to fill, even in comparison to the other parts of their sites. If you are a recreational player at low stakes, who just plays 1 or 2 tables at a time to check out Red Kings - this is a great community and a safe place to build your bankroll while you learn.

Anyone wanting a wide choice of games and buy-ins while playing MTT Sit N Goes really only has one serious choice - Pokerstars. From the 45s to the 180s, from the micros to the mid-stakes and from NL Holdem to Pot-Limit Omaha there is something for everyone. You'll need to watch out for those smaller stakes pros - though there are plenty of beginners at the lowest levels, so you'll have plenty of scope to build your bankroll.

Claim up to 3 welcome bonuses at 100% (max total = $600) at the world's #1 site! Choose 'affiliate marketing code' from the 'where did you hear about us? list - and the put Pokerstars Marketing Code PSPxxx into the new box which appears. There are many great reasons why Pokerstars are the most popular site - click here now and check out for yourself!


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