Sit N Go Strategy – How to Exploit the Multi-Tablers

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If you play Sit and Go Tournaments at any of the larger sites such as Party, Stars or Titan then you have undoubtedly come across opponents who seem to be at every single table you play… The fact is that there are many players out there who play 10, 16 or even more tables at once!

You should expect these players to be good – particularly on the mathematical aspects of play at the SNG bubble. However, playing a large number of tables means little decision time – which in turn indicates that these opponents are playing by a set of pre-defined ‘rules’. The complex nature of SNG Poker means that a thinking player is in a position to exploit any opponent playing to a set of rules. The key is to think about the game from the perspective of the multi-tabler and adjust correctly to beat them.

how to exploit multi-tablers

Below is a list of 8 ways in which a thinking SNG player should be able to exploit a multi-tabler:

  1. Hand Reading Early. Multi Tablers are not going to be raising in the very early levels without a premium hand. Since playing many tables means that post flop decisions need to be avoided where possible, you should be able to narrow their early raising range easily. Likewise their limping range should be weighted towards hands which make post-flop play easy (such as small pairs) and include a lower likelihood of smaller suited connectors.
  2. Draw Heavy Flops Early. Flops with potential flush or straight draws can create profitable early game situations, since you can exclude so many hands that might be drawing from the multi-tablers range you are in a position to define the relative strength of you own hand on the flop.
  3. Blind Defense. Multi-Tablers are less likely to defend their blinds in the early stages (first 3 levels). Raise a smallish amount from late position – if they have a good hand expect a re-raise, if not you can take the blinds cheaply. Again calling from the blinds could involve complex post flop decision making, and these guys are looking to avoid them.
  4. Avoid Complex Moves. Remember that dealing with 16 tables means it is not possible to get good reads on opponents. Resist the temptation to make complex multi-street ‘moves’ against these guys. A more straight forward strategy of defining your relative hand strength as early and inexpensively as possible is far more effective. If you see other players getting tricky with the SNG multi-tabler then stay out of the way!!
  5. Expect Continuation Bets. If the multi-tabler raised pre-flop then you can expect continuation bets a large percentage of the time. They will know that most flops miss opponents hands and will look to take down the pot. If you hit your hand play it strongly to build a pot.
  6. Bubble Play – Their Calling Range. Expect a tight calling range when you push at the bubble, multi-tablers will know their ICM Math and will not call you without a positive expectation hand. The key point here is that they will be naturally slower to adjust to multiple pushes. The decisions are being made against ‘average’ opponent’s ranges so loosen up some when these guys are in the blinds.
  7. Bubble Play – Their Raising Range. The opposite of the above, multi-tablers will tend to push lighter at the bubble – especially in situations where they know you need a top 10% hand to call. To exploit this trait you need to learn the correct calling ranges against the looser ranges (any-2 in many cases).
  8. Heads Up Play. As before expect your multi-tabling opponent to be working with a set of rules. Good heads up strategy can involve pushing a very wide range and calling with half of the hands you think your opponent will push with. You must likewise adjust to cope with a 60%+ pushing range and 25%+ calling range.

Of course – those Multi-tabling SNG pros have a good bankroll building strategy, by giving up an edge as far as the ability read opponents and play post flop they are able to take a small profit from a large number of games... giving them a superior hourly rate.

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