How to Beat Micro-Limit Sit n Go Tournaments – Adjusting for the Fish

Adjusting for The Terrible Opponents In Micro-Limit SNGs Can Be A Big Challenge.
This Article Suggest How To Adapt To The Different Sit N Go Stages.

Many players new to Online Sit n Go Tournaments will be starting out at the micro-limits, that is the $1 to $3 games which are the lowest real-money poker tournaments on offer at most online poker rooms.

That’s great – we all started somewhere! It is also hazardous, most of the Sit n Go Strategy guides available online assume at least a little structure in your opponents play – at the very lowest real money SNG limits you are more likely to be faced with a table full of very dangerous opponents – Fish!!

You need to make some adjustments to your play here in order to build your Sit n Go bankroll and get to the higher levels. Many of these adjustments are really just extreme versions of a normal solid SnG strategy, some are unique to Micro-limit SnGs

Micro-Limit Sit N Go Tournaments - The Early Stages:

Mid-Limit SNG Strategy: Stay tight, play premium hands strongly, focus on playing position, do not call raises with speculative hands.

Adjustments for Micro Limit SNGs: Medium to high Pairs go up in value pre-flop but be prepared to fold if any ace comes on the flop, increase the size of your bets with premium hands – you are more likely to get paid off, More multi-way pots (4, 5 or even 6 handed!) mean that your implied odds are better… be more likely to enter with suited aces and low pairs – if you hit a monster then bet strongly as someone will give you their stack!!

Micro-Limit Sit N Go Tournaments - The Middle Stages:

Mid-Limit SNG Strategy: Loosen your raising requirements when first into a pot to steal blinds, increase your requirements for entering a raised pot, re-raise with strong hands to punish loose limpers / raisers.

Adjustments for Micro Limit SNGs: Stealing blinds much more difficult due to calling opponents so stay tight, raise or re-raise all in with premium hands due to stronger likelihood of being called.

beat lower buy in sit n go guide

Micro-Limit Sit N Go Tournaments - The Bubble:

Mid-Limit SNG Strategy: Tend to raise all in when 1st to enter a pot when your opponents calling ranges allow this. Do not call all in raises without a premium holding, adjust to stack sizes and player characteristics.

Adjustments for Micro-Limit SNGs: Patience required as there is a far higher chance of opponents knocking each other out. Adjust your all-in raising requirements to the loosest possible calling range (any Pair, Any Ace, K8+ Q9+ and high suited connectors), Adjust your calling range downwards for all-in bets ahead – but not too much – JJ+ AQo+ should be loose enough under most circumstances!

A solid understanding of SNG strategy will help you win at any level, make sure that you adjust to the ‘no fold button’ fish at the Micro-limits and you’ll be moving up before you know it!!

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